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Go Bicycle Touring in Switzerland


2601546518_56f7da7b15_zSwitzerland is a country located in Western Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the North, France to the West, Italy to the South, and Austria and Lichtenstein to the East. The country has a population of around 8 million people, and covers only 41, 285 square kilometers. The southern half of Switzerland is home to the majestic Alps, one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges.

From a cycling perspective, Switzerland is one of the world’s most beautiful bike touring locations. From the Swiss capital of Bern, to the gorgeous mountainous regions in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland has plenty to offer all types of cyclists. The mountain regions, in places, favour more rugged bikes, such as hybrids or mountain bikes. But beautiful, lower-altitude riding for road and touring bikes can be found in the country, too. Switzerland truly is an incredible country to see from the saddle.


Bike Tours in Switzerland

Popular Bike Tour Destinations In Switzerland

  • Basel is located at the ‘Three Country Corner”, and has suburbs in France and Germany, but the majority of the city is in Switzerland. Basel is one of Switzerland’s most important cultural centers. It is home to a great many museums, art galleries, theatres, as well as many architectural wonders. The city makes for excellent cycling for road and touring cyclists, although less-so for those with mountain bikes.
  • Bern is the Swiss capital, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has numerous attractions and architectural features, such as the Rose Garden, or the 101-meter-high cathedral tower. The city’s outskirts have a medieval feel to them, with the architecture of the era shining through in thatched-roof cottages and white-stone masonry. Bern has a number of cycling trails which lead throughout the city, these provide excellent conditions for road and touring cyclists visiting the Swiss capital.
  • The Alpine Bike Route is a mountain biking trail that runs across the country from Scuol in the east, to Aigle, in the north-west. This route will take you through some of the most beautiful, and challenging terrain in the country. While the climbs are punishing, there’s not a more spectacular way to cross Switzerland’s southern, Alps-laden half. You’ll visit tranquil, dainty mountain villages, and climb to heights of up to four thousand meters. The Alpine Bike route truly is the best way to experience the Swiss Alps.
  • Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, home to 1.83 million people. Zurich is a blend of city living with natural wonderment, the city is packed with people – as you’d expect, but there is so much to see – not just in the city, but also on the outskirts, where nature takes hold. You’re greeted by hiking trails through the various forests that surround the city. There is so much to see, and the Swiss make it very easy for you. With paved roads leading throughout the city, and a free bicycle hire service – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Lake Geneva is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions to cycle in. The Lake flows through Switzerland and parts of France, although the Swiss side is definitely mountain-biking country. There are various trails that run beside the lake and into the surrounding countryside. Although, there are cycling paths that lead beside the lake, which favour road and touring cyclists. So, it’s a very diverse region in that respect. The Lake has been home to people like Charlie Chaplin, and Vladimir Lenin.

The Bike Switzerland Challenge Tour is an 11 day bicycle tour across Switzerland on BMC hybrid bicycles. During the course of the tour you will cycle 565 kilometers and climb more than 5000 total meters.

A unique six day Swiss guided tour with cycling to remember. Although the tour includes a number of hard climbs, you’ll go home with memories of beautiful landscapes, challenging climbs and exciting descents.

Switzerland presents it most beautiful region where pictures are too perfect! This leisurely tour takes you to fresh water, flat lands and to the foot of the mountains, through the vineyards of La Côte and into the medieval villages, from the seat of you’re bike, you’ll see it all!

Facts About Switzerland

  • Although in Europe, Switzerland’s currency is not the Euro – it is actually the Swiss Franc. (CHF).
  • 23% of Switzerland’s eight million people are foreigners.
  • Switzerland has four official languages – German, French, Romanish, and Italian.
  • Switzerland is mountain country – you already knew that. But over 200 mountains peak as high as three thousand meters.
  • Switzerland’s chocolate is world-famous. In 2013, just 18 companies made over 175,000 tonnes of chocolate.
  • The Swiss are generally a very peaceful people, and the country has a long-standing history of neutrality in any conflict. It only opted to join the United Nations in 2002.
  • Switzerland is the world’s first – and only country to implement a system of government whereby the administrative decisions of the government are made according to petitions signed by it’s people.
  • A Swiss man by the name of Patek Philippe, invented the wristwatch in 1868.
  • The Swiss are rarely unemployed. The country has the world’s highest employment rate among the OECD countries, as of 2012.
  • The Swiss are the founders of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which began operations in 1863. The Red Cross flag is the Swiss flag with the colours inverted.
Photos by Francisco Antunes, Kecko and Norlando Pobre.