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Greece Travel – Guided Bike Tours in Greece

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Greece – a nation rich with history, a nation credited with so many of mankind’s greatest inventions – democracy, mathematics, philosophy, the thermometer, and the list goes on and on. Greece is a country located in southern Europe, with a population of roughly 11 million people, and an area of 131, 957 square kilometers. The country consists of nine geographic regions: Macedonia, Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, the Aegean Islands, Thrace, Crete and the Ionian Islands. There’s no doubt that historically-speaking, Greece is one of the most important countries in the World.

From a cycling perspective, Greece is paradisical in and of itself. There are many, many places to go and cycle within Greece, and the nation’s history is always something to marvel at. From the Greek island of Crete, to the Capital City of Athens, road and mountain cyclists’ alike can enjoy gorgeous Greek weather, unique foods, and of course, incredible Greek history dating back thousands of years.


Sacred Sites bicycle touring adventure - Greece travel

Plunge into the Peloponneses! No one comes to Greece without paying homage to at least one ancient ruin, and some of Greece’s most legendary ruins lie here in the Peloponnese.[/one_third] [one_third]

Crete, Greece Bicycle touring adventure

The tour: includes just about everything. Every day we ride village to village. . Enjoy all Lunches and dinners. Includes water bottles, snacks, refreshments, maps, guide books and more. Accommodate at charming hotel, villas or traditional inns, generous, rich absolutely fresh and healthy meals, extensive trip information, and far more miles of cycling.[/one_third] [one_third_last]

Athens Bicycle Touring Adventure

A different kind of tour that will make you feel like a local! The ride is done over beaches, through beautiful marinas and parks located right over the sea. This ride will make you feel the modern beat of the city and we’ll visit places where mostly locals congregate. [/one_third_last]
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Popular Greece Travel Destinations

  • Athens is the Greek capital, and home to some of the country’s – and indeed the world’s greatest architecture. Athens allows for all types of cyclists, from the mountain bikers to the road cyclists. Athens also has the longest pedestrian walkway in the country, this runs from Hadrian’s Arch, past the Acropolis Museum, carrying on to Thissio and Monastiraki. It also boasts a river-side ride, on the Athena Riviera. While the outskirts of the city have terrific mountain biking trails, among them – the mount of Parnitha stands out. Athens also has it’s own bike-hire service.
  • The Epirus region boasts some of Greece’s best mountain biking trails, and although the climbs are steep, they often criss-cross between Greece’s extraordinary and beautiful mountain ranges. The highest summit, Gamila, stands at 8200 feet. Coupling the high altitude climbs, are meadows of flora and fauna, and the Vikos gorge, a 9-mile long gorge, with rockfaces with heights ranging from 1000 to 3300 meters, it’s sure to challenge even the most experience mountain bikers.
  • The Island of Crete is a must-see for all touring cyclists’ planning a trip to Greece. Not only is it rich with history, the landscape of it’s city of Ierpetra is perfect for touring cyclists, with it’s mainly flat landscape and multiple beaches situated not far from the city centre.
  • Sparta is a Greek city, home of several ancient ruins, is also popular among touring cyclists, as the city offers a meld between urbanism and urban cycling, and the Greek countryside, where flowering meadows are dotted throughout the quiet country lanes, beyond the picturesque city limits.
  • Karditska offers visiting cyclists a 14 kilometer network of cycling paths, for which it provides bicycles free of charge. One of the most interesting cycling routes along the 14 kilometer network is the stretch between the railway station and the Paparantzas Woods (also known as “Chilia Dentra” or the ‘Thousand Trees’), three kilometers to the south-west.

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greece travel

All our tours start in the harbor city of Kalamata in Greece. We are offering 3 guided cycle tours as a round-trip tour through the province of Messinia in Greece. [/one_third] [one_third]

greek travel tour

White marble columns, gnarled olive trees, turquoise blue skies, and radiant sunsets are reflections of Greece. Archeological monuments reflect Greece’s glorious past. Donkeys, sheep, and goats remind us of a simpler age that cherishes village life and generous hospitality.[/one_third] [one_third_last]

Saronic Jewels Greek bicycle tour

In the southeastern Peloponnese Peninsula is found the Argo Saronic region where everything encourages you to pedal at a gradual pace, or siga siga (slow, slow) as the Greeks say. We bicycle, swim, smell the lemons, shop for quality souvenirs and take enlightening archaeology tours of legendary antiquities.

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Facts About Greece Travel

  • Greece has about 2,000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited.
  • Greece has the largest maritime fleet in the world.
  • During the Second World War, Greece was the only country to fight three countries simultaneously (Albania, Italy, and Germany). And it was the only country in which it held the most days of resistance, managing to resist Nazi incursion for a staggering 219 days.
  • Greece is the only European country where state and religion are united.
  • 13% of the English dictionary is derived from Greek words.
  • Athens is the oldest city in Europe, and the birthplace of democracy.
  • 55% of Greeks graduate from 4-year college. The highest rate of college graduates in the World.
  • Greece has the lowest crime rate in Europe, and the second lowest in the World.
  • Greece is a great place to travel!

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