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Bike Touring Trips To Ireland

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Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Or trips to Ireland? Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic to the west of Great Britain. In fact, Ireland is the largest island of the British Isles, and the third-largest island in Europe, and the twentieth-largest island on Earth. In total, the island of Ireland is home to around 6.4 million people, and covers an area of 84, 421 square kilometers. Ireland is divided politically into Northern Ireland – which accounts for roughly 4.6 million of the total population, and the Republic of Ireland in the South, where approximately 1.8 million people live.

From a cyclists’ point of view, Ireland is a playground, with cycling trails to suit all kinds of people. Ireland is home to some of the greatest mountain biking, and coastal road cycling in the World. Whether you’re on thin, skinny road tyres or nubby, hardtail mountain bikes. Ireland’s coastal roads and mountain passes make for some tough climbing, but the views at the top of the hill or mountain are a sight for sore eyes. At the same time, charming, low-altitude roads that meander throughout the country make for some excellent smooth cycling for road riders. On this page you will find some of the best bike trips to Ireland.


Irish West Coast bicycle tour

This extraordinary Irish biking adventure has been designed with escape, elegance and an overall terrific experience in mind! We offer you the opportunity to explore and contemplate life to its fullest, away from all the hustle of everyday life. [/one_third] [one_third]

Ireland family bike tours

This is truly the mystical land of disappearing rivers and lakes, closed valleys, caves and limestone pavements. You may even find a real fairy fort![/one_third] [one_third_last]

The Burren Way Irish bicycle touring adventure

The Burren Way Cycling Tour is a very enjoyable cycling vacation that allows you to Explore the unique limestone region of the Burren, in North Clare. You can discover its enchanting array of geological wonders.The route has been devised carefully so that you miss none of its unspoilt charms.[/one_third_last]
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Popular Bike Tour Destinations For Trips To Ireland

  • The Kingfisher Trail is ideal for those looking for a real, “off the beaten track” experience. The 300 mile trail meanders through country lanes that are often devoid of traffic. The views along the Kingfisher Trail are spectacular, offering panoramic vistas of the Upper and Lower Lough Earne, and Lough Macnean. Other highlights of the Trail are the caves at Marble Arch, the stately home at Florence Court, and the Crom Estate.
  • The Derroughra Mountain Bike Trail lies just west of Oughterard, and traverses the Connemara landscape, through beautiful Irish forestry, this trail is very hilly and the climb is quite a challenge, but it’s well worth it. You are rewarded at the top of Knocklettefore, where magnificent views of the lakes await.
  • The Beara Peninsula is both challenging, and beautiful. It’s a long-distance one, at 120 miles long, depending on your chosen route. Of all of the routes, the spectacular Healy Pass stands out, with views across Bantry Bay, and the Kenmare River. The top of the Pass itself is a 300 meter climb, but once over the top, you’re rewarded with 19 miles of downhill back to the town of Kenmare.
  • The North West Cycle Trail is a 200-mile loop, full of sights such as caves at the Marble Arch, Castle Coole, and the Ulster American Folk Park. The route is segmented, so you can ride several point-to-point rides in a day – such as the one which runs from Strabane’s landmark sculpture, “Let the Dance begin”, picking up the distinctive North West Trail, which rolls along flat, fast back roads, eventually ending in the market town of Enniskillen.
  • The Mourne Mountains make a great stop-off point for mountain bikers, the heather and moss-covered peaks caress the Irish countryside. The Mountains themselves have plenty of cycling routes, such as the sixteen mile Rostrevor Route, which takes you through the Rostrevor Forest. That route begins and ends in the typical Irish town of Rostrevor, which in and of itself offers some steep climbing, fit to challenge many a cyclist.

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bike trips to ireland

When it comes to an Ireland bike tour, The Expressway Tour is a matchless odyssey through West Ireland’s most stunning regions. It is a self guided cycling vacation through Connemara, the Burren and the Aran Islands. [/one_third] [one_third]

trips to ireland

Cycling Safaris offer award winning guided and self guided trips throughout Ireland. You can choose from one of eleven different tours all over the stunning Irish coastline.[/one_third] [one_third_last]

bicycle trips to ireland

Oscar Wilde described Connemara as ‘a savage beauty’ – reminiscent of the highlands of Scotland, our Wild Connemara biking adventure is aptly names. It has been created with remote back roads and magnificent landscapes in mind and consists of some of the most settings in the West of Ireland.

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Fun Facts About Ireland

  • The Irish consume around 13.1 liters of beer per year – the 2nd highest per-capita consumption after the Czech Republic.
  • The three most famous symbols of Ireland are the harp, the Shamrock, and the Celtic cross.
  • 88% of Irish citizens are nominally Roman Catholic. The Republic of Ireland has one of the highest rates of church attendance in the Western World. (around 45% of regular Mass attendance).
  • Ireland is a snake-free island. Due to it’s isolation from the European mainland, Ireland lacks several species common elsewhere in Europe. Such as moles, weasels, polecats, or roe deer.
  • At a height of 688 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, Croaghaun (on Achill Island) are the second-highest cliffs in Europe – after Cape Enniberg in the Faroe Islands.
  • Ireland was one of the last countries in Europe to adopt the feudal system (which was brought in by the English). Throughout the Middle Ages, Irish society preserved the traditional Celtic organisation of society based on clans/tribes. The absence of feudalism meant that there were serfs, but no slaves. Ireland was one of the last European nations to abolish slavery of it’s own people.
  • The world’s first suburban commuter train opened between Dublin and Dun Laoghaire in 1834 (two years before the London and Greenwich railway).
  • The Irish are now some of the most fervently Catholic Europeans (along with the Poles), yet, Ireland was the last Western European country to adopt Catholicism.

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Bike Trips to Ireland – Find Your Dream Bike Tour Today!

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