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Go Bicycle Touring in Belgium

Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe, bordered by the North Sea to the West, France to the South, the Netherlands to the North, and Luxembourg and Germany to the East. Belgium is a parliamentary democracy, however it operates under a constitutional monarch. The reigning King is King Philippe,  who ascended to the throne in 2013. Belgium’s population is approximately 10.4 million people, and it spans 11,672 square miles.

For a small European country – Belgium is a fantastic bike touring location. The Belgians sure know how to cycle! The country is a haven for cyclists of all types, they offer mountain bike trails, such as the ones in Hamme, they also have dedicated cycling paths for touring and road cyclists (these are closed to traffic). Belgium is also the host nation for the Tour of Flanders – a bike race held annually in the city of Flanders.

Popular Bike Tour Destinations In Belgium

  • Flanders is a Belgian community and region in the North of the country, it is host to the Tour of Flanders, it also offers the spectacular Flemish Cycle Route (Vlaanderen Fietsroute), which itself is also home to the Route de Comte Jean (named after a 14th century Flemish general). The Route de Comte Jean takes in 137 miles of the Flemish Cycle Route, from the Belgian capital of Bruges, into Northern France. Coastal winds provide a challenge, even though there are very few climbs.
  • The Ardennes, sitting in Belgium’s south-east, there lies the Ardennes – a vast, unspoiled, natural wonderland and historical goldmine. Particularly, a village called “La-Roche-en-Ardennes”, served as a Neolithic-age settlement, a Celtic stronghold and then a Roman fortress. The route then continues to the British War Cemetery, providing a humbling moment for reflection, before it throws you into “The Caves of 1001 Nights”, where mysterious lighting illuminates the many colours and rock formations.
  • Brussels is not only the Belgian capital, it is also the beginning of a series of incredible, long-distance bicycle tours. You can either travel to different parts of Belgium (it’s major metropolitan centre of Bruges, for example), or you can travel from Brussels, to a whole other country entirely. Amsterdam and Paris are popular destinations. Belgian chocolates and Belgian beer are infamous, and Brussels offers you the delectable delights and culinary experiences one would expect of a capital city.
  • The Belgian Coast, although largely left behind due to the massive expanses of land on all sides, the Belgian coast, facing into the North Sea, is not to be forgotten From the capital city, the coastal city of Ostend lies only thirty miles away. Far from the hustle-and-bustle of the capital, lies a serene, green-grassed, light-house filled siesta of relaxation. The North Sea provides beauty, as you look upon English Shores to the West, there is also an observatory, ‘Beisbroek’, where you learn all about the mystery of outer space.
  • Barge and Bike Tour Ravel – Your adventure begins on the authentically in 2012 restored and new motorized luxury Salon Yacht. The route takes you through the breathtaking and welcoming Wallonian River Maas Valley, a gorgeous historical landscape with beautiful and friendly old Historical City’s and Fortifications situated between the Netherlands and France.
  • Limburg Sensational Boat & Bike Tour – The land off Limburg in Holland and Belgium is the ultimate biking paradise in Europe with more than 1800 kilometers of most car-free bicycle tracks. It is famous for its historical cities, 700 Belgian and Limburg types of beer, delicious fruit pies, chocolate pralines and famous hospitality.
  • Country Bicycle Tour – The route takes you through the breathtaking and welcoming Wallonian River Maas Valley – Flanderen and south Limburg , Germany a gorgeous historical landscape with beautiful and friendly old Historical City’s – Castles and Fortifications situated between the Netherlands Belgium – France. and Germany
  • Beercycling – Amsterdam to Brussels Endeavour – Our Amsterdam to Brussels tours feature a perfect balance of Belgium and Dutch countryside, history, culture, fine dining, and of course beer, beer, beer along our 10-day Endeavour.
  • Flanders and Beer – A tour of Flanders from Bruges to discover four authentic Flemish towns of northern Belgium, this “self-guided” tour offers you the opportunity to discover the western part of North Belgium at your own pace. We welcome you in our cyclist friendly, comfortable hotel in Bruges, “the Venice of the North” and one of Europe’s most visited historical cities
  • Bike and Barge Tour – Maastricht to Paris – This delightful Long distends river cruise and Barge and Bike Holliday is the ideal way to discover the gorgeous landscapes between Maastricht in Holland and Paris, whether it’s by ship, bike or walking. It’s all entirely up to you! There is ample time to relax and wonder at delightful old cities we will dock at along our route.

Facts About Belgium

  • Belgium produces over 800 kinds of beer.
  • Belgians pay the highest income tax of any OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country.
  • Europe’s tallest man is a Belgian – Alain Delaunois, stands over 7.5 feet tall.
  • Belgian’s receive the highest percentage of cable television in the world, at 97%
  • The Body Mass Index (BMI), was developed by Belgian statistician and anthropometrist Adolphe Quetelet.
  • Belgium is home to 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral.
  • Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto while exiled in Brussels between 1845 and 1848.
  • The biggest newborn baby ever recorded was Samuel Timmerman, born in the Ter Linden hospital in Knokke, weighing 11 pounds, nine ounces and measuring 1 foot, ten inches.
Photos by Rick Ligthelm, Luke Ma, and Luke Ma.