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Why List Your Bike Tours With

GoBicycleTouring is an online directory of the best guided and self-guided bicycle touring in the world.

Go Bicycle Touring website

GoBicycleTouring was created by Darren Alff: the famous bicycle traveler, author of four popular cycling books, and the man behind the #1 Google-ranked “bicycle touring website in the world –

With more than 16+ years of bicycle touring experience behind him, and more than 750,000+ readers looking to him each year for advice and recommendations on which products to buy, where to travel in the world, and which bicycle tours to participate in, Darren Alff is now using the website at to connect his readers (people who are actively searching for bicycle tours to participate in) with the best guided and self-guided bicycle touring companies on the planet.

GoBicycleTouring connects the people who are searching for bike tours to participate in with the world’s best bicycle touring companies!

how gobicycletouring works

At GoBicycleTouring we allow people to search for their ideal bike tour by:

best guided bike tours

Or you can search for a bike tour on GoBicycleTouring explore.

How Does GoBicycleTouring Work?

Once an interested party finds a bike tour they like, they can sign up for the tour by contacting you (the bike tour company) directly… or by filling out our “HOT LEADS” capture form.

HOT LEAD example form

When someone completes the “HOT LEADS” capture form, thereby indicating that they are interested in participating in your company’s bike tour, you’ll instantly receive an email notifying you that “You’ve got a HOT LEAD from GoBicycleTouring!”

Congratulations! You have a new HOT LEAD for your bike tour

You’ll then be able to quickly and easily contact that individual, answer any questions he or she might have, and most importantly, convert that person into a paying customer!

This Is What You Get When You Sign Up…

When you list your company’s bicycle tours with GoBicycleTouring, you will receive:

  • One free bike tour listing on the website at (if you want to list more than one, sign-up for a paid plan)

Your FREE tour listing includes:

  • Your company name
  • The title of your bike tour
  • A detailed tour description
  • As many as 3 featured photos
  • Average daily tour distance
  • Total tour distance
  • Total days on tour
  • A difficulty rating
  • Price
  • And a high-end statistics tool to help you keep track of how popular your bicycle tours are… and how many HOT LEADS you have received.

Here’s an example of what your FREE GoBicycleTouring tour listing will look like:

gobicycletouring tour listings

And here’s an example of the stat board on the backend of your GoBicycleTouring account where you can see how many hits and HOT LEADS each of your bike tours has received:

company login for gobicycletouring

Become A Featured Tour Company

Listing your company’s bicycle tours with GoBicycleTouring is free, but if you decide to upgrade your account and become a Featured Tour Company, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Your contact information is prominently displayed alongside each of your tour listings.
  • Your company’s contact information is listed prominently, making it easy for potential customers to contact you and sign up for your bike tours.
  • Links back to your company website are easy to find.
  • As many as 10 featured photos can be used for each of your tour listings.
  • Video links allow you to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos / commercials into your tour listings.
  • Your tour listings will be repeatedly featured on the GoBicycleTouring homepage, thereby increasing your company’s overall exposure.
  • Your bike tours will be repeatedly featured on GoBicycleTouring’s various social media channels.
  • And, most importantly, you can access your HOT LEADS at any time and contact your customers instantly!

Marketing Your Bike Tours

As part of your plans of marketing your bike tour business online, you will be following good business marketing practice of building an email contact list, sending out regular newsletters to keep in touch with your potential customers, promoting reviews on your website through SEO and advertising, and direct advertising in your local region and through tourist boards.

Increasing the number of incoming enquiries is the goal of all this activity and here’s how GoBicycleTouring can help: if you list your bike tours here on GoBicycleTouring, you’ll feature in our popular online directory of over 1,000 worldwide cycle tours that attract visitors looking for their next adventure. We provide a way for customers to contact you and we help send a steady steam of traffic to your website, deliver “HOT LEADS” to your inbox, and put money in your pocket by generating more sign-ups for your tours.

We do this…

  • By having many of the biggest and most popular bike tour and travel-related blogs and websites in the world write about and share the GoBicycleTouring web directory with their readers.
  • Through press releases, media mentions and interviews with mass media newspapers, radio and television stations all around the world.
  • And through our direct connection with the #1 Google-ranked “bicycle touring” website in the world – – which directs its 750,000+ annual readers to the GoBicycleTouring website every single day via its website, online advertisements, email newsletter, popular social media profiles, online bike touring surveys, landing pages, capture forms and more!

GoBicycleTouring isn’t just a list of the best guided and self-guided bicycle tours in the world. GoBicycleTouring is an incredible marketing machine that works day and night to advertise and promote your company’s bike tours and help you generate more income for your business.

Pricing Information – It’s Free To Get Started

Listing your bicycle tours with GoBicycleTouring is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive means of advertising your bike tour business, getting your tours in front of hot prospects, and boosting sign-ups for your tours. Plus, it’s free to get started!

That’s right! You can list as many bicycle tours as you want on for FREE!

If, however, you choose to upgrade your account and become a Featured Tour Company, you will receive all of the benefits listed above and be charged only £95 per year – with unlimited tour listings and unlimited HOT LEADS for 12 whole months!

This means that…

  • It’s FREE to sign up with GoBicycleTouring!
  • It’s FREE to list your company’s bicycle tour on the GoBicycleTouring website!
  • It’s EASY to upgrade your account and list all your tours and become a Featured Tour Company!

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