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The Bike Touring Season Begins On January 1 – Are You Ready?

If you’re looking for a fast, easy and inexpensive way to market and promote your bike tours in 2013 and beyond, you need to sign up with right now!

Trust me. 2013 is going to be an amazing year for the bicycle touring business.

But are you ready for it?

What We’re Doing To Launch

For the launch of GoBicycleTouring on January 1st, 2013 we will be doing a massive press and media blitz, where both mainstream news outlets as well as related cycling, travel and lifestyle blogs, websites and magazines will be contacted about this incredible new bicycle touring resource.

Our sister-site at will also be doing a huge announcement about the launch of the GoBicycleTouring website and the amazing new guided and self-guided bicycle tours we have listed here. More than 10,000 people from all around the world will be hearing about GoBicycleTouring on January 1st and thousands more will follow suit over the days, weeks and months to come.

If you’d like to have your bike tours featured on the website during the launch of GoBicycleTouring, just fill out the form on this page:

We’re Giving Away 3 Free Bike Tours

One of the ways we are planning to get some attention for the launch of is with a FREE Bike Tour Giveaway, in which one major bike tour will be given away each month for the first three months after the launch – with winners being selected on February 1st, March 1st and April 1st, 2013.

Czech Bike Tours has already stepped up and graciously agreed to donate one of their guided bicycle tours for the giveaway in January, but we are still looking for two more companies to donate a tour for this special one-time only contest.

In exchange for donating a tour, your company will receive a featured spot on the website and on our sister-site at… and you will be one of the first tour companies mentioned in all outgoing press releases and media announcements.

If you are interested in donating a multi-day bike tour to be given away during the month of February or March as part of the official launch of, please get in touch with me (Darren) right away.

Changes To The Website

In preparation for the website launch on January 1st, we’ve been working overtime to not only prepare all the press and marketing materials, but to make the website itself that much better for both you (the tour companies) and the eventual end users (your customers).

Some of you may have already received an email that looks like this:

This is a HOT LEAD email… and you will receive one of these any time an individual searching the GoBicycleTouring website requests more information about one of your bicycle tours.

The information in these HOT LEAD emails is very important, so be on the lookout for them… and follow up with all interested parties as soon as you possibly can. Click here to read more about HOT LEADS and what you should do when you receive a HOT LEAD email.

We’ve also just finished installing a sophisticated monthly stat program which monitors the web traffic on each and every one of your bike tour listings, counts how many hits each of your bike tours receives, and totals up the number of HOT LEADS you get each month.

On the first day of every month, you will receive an email from GoBicycleTouring that looks something like this:

This email will list each of your company’s bicycle tours and will also show you how many hits and leads that particular bicycle tour has generated.

The company shown above in the sample Monthly Stat email only has one bike tour listed, but if you have multiple tours listed with, they will all be displayed in this one email.

At the end of your monthly email will be some tips or suggestions on what you can do to improve you bike tour marketing so as to generate more interest and acquire more HOT LEADS for your tours. This is a FREE service that we provide at GoBicycleTouring because we truly want you to be successful in marketing your business and getting more people to sign up for your bicycle tours.

You will receive your first monthly statistical email on February 1, 2013 – one month after the official launch of the website.

New Features Coming To The Website

We are also excited to announce the development of several new features on that will make it the most unique and user-friendly bike touring website available.

In a matter of days we will be launching the new back-end side of, where you will be able to log into the website, view your current bike tour listings and make changes to those bicycle tours. You will be able to add more photos, change the photos you currently have on display, alter your tour titles, change or add information in your tour descriptions, enter detailed tour dates and a whole lot more!

In addition, we are designing an impressive world map, where every one of the bicycle tours on will be displayed as a clickable flag in the location of the world where that bike tour begins.

Users will then be able to zoom in on a particular part of the world that they are most interested in traveling to and view a spacial map of where all the available bike tours in the world take place. Clicking on a bike tour flag will then take that individual to the appropriate tour listing on

The image below is a rough mock-up of the world map we are planning to create.

So, that’s a quick update on what’s happening here at GoBicycleTouring.

We’re working hard in preparation for the launch on January 1st and we hope that you will join us.

REMEMBER: When you sign up before December 31, 2012, you will receive 6 FREE months of advertising with and be included in our 2013 ebook/in-print directory for no cost at all.

After your free trial period is up and we have proven to you that your listings at GoBicycleTouring are worth ten times the amount we are asking, you will pay an annual price of only $47 USD per tour after that.

But remember: this is a special one-time-only deal… and you must sign up before December 31st in order to benefit.

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