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Inexpensive Vacation Ideas – Bicycle Touring

Money is tight, but you still want to go on a relaxing and memorable vacation this year. You’ve only got a week or two to spare, and very little money. So what do you do?

If this sounds like you… consider a bicycle touring vacation!

cheap vacation idea

Bicycle touring is the act of riding a bicycle for days or weeks on end as you stop along the way to take in the sights, snap photos, talk to people, eat food, and sleep along the way.

There are companies all around the world that organize bicycle tours for individuals and small groups… and these companies will provide you with a bicycle to ride, map out a safe and enjoyable route for you to take, plan out all  your meals and hotel stays, and even have a professional bicycle touring guide escort you along the route in some instances.

Every single year, thousands of people from all around the world go on bicycle touring vacations. Whether you are looking to vacation in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Oceania, there is likely a bicycle tour that you could participate in nearby.

And bicycle touring doesn’t have to be expensive! While there are some bicycle tours that cost thousands of dollars to participate in, there are some bike tours that are extremely affordable. Take, for example, the bicycle tours on this page – all of which are more than five days in length and cost less than $1,000 USD.

There is no reason you can’t afford an inexpensive bicycle touring holiday this year! Just decide where you want to go and then look for a bicycle tour in that part of the world. Visit the website at to see a map of the world detailing the location of hundreds of available bicycle tours.