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Go Bicycle Touring in the United States

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California, USA bike touring adventure

Join us on the California Coast Bike Tour and enjoy the best riding of California’s beautiful Central Coast, from Santa Barbara to Monterey. Taste the diverse offerings from the Santa Rosa, Santa Ynez and Paso Robles wine regions while cycling through their picturesque vineyards and farmland.[/one_third] [one_third]

Bryce Canyon bike tour

Cycling and hiking in Bryce Canyon and then on to Zion National Park to experience the pink pinnacle-filled amphitheater of Bryce Canyon, the undiscovered gorges of Grand Staircase-Escalante, slot canyons, and scenes from the movies filmed here will mark you memory banks for the rest of your days.[/one_third] [one_third_last]

Acadia, Maine Bicycle Touring adventure

f you’re looking for the perfect luxury bicycling trip, you’ve found it with Maine Coast Bicycle Tours. Our trips offer gorgeous biking routes; the finest hotels; restaurants that are renowned for their cuisine; and the ambience of Bar Harbor, gateway to Acadia National Park. [/one_third_last]


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The United States of America is a federal republic, consisting of 50 states, located in central North America. It is the continent’s most populated country, with a total population of 317, 968, 000 people, the United States is also the world’s third-or-fourth largest nation by total area – spanning a massive 9, 826, 675 square kilometers. The United States is the world’s largest military power, it is also the world’s largest national economy.

From a cycling perspective, the United States is one of the world’s most serene locations. From coast to coast, state to state, Alaska, to Hawaii – there’s something for every type of cyclist. Mountainous regions are aplenty for mountain bikers, and pristine roads offer terrific cycling for road and touring cyclists. Sprawling desert regions offer remoteness, and the country’s legendary cities – such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles – the nation’s capital of Washington D.C, are all tourist hotspots.

Popular Bike Tour Destinations In the United States

  • Miami is a legendary tourist attraction among travellers to the United States, it’s also home to a one-hundred-and-sixty-mile route from Miami’s gorgeous sandy beaches, to Key West, another incredible beach haven in the state of Florida. You’ll come across some reptiles along the way – crocodiles and snakes. There’s also some seaborne animalia to look out for, as you wind down the coastal region – seals and dolphins can be seen from the coastal roads.
  • Maine boasts the Acadia National Park – home to granite peaks and rocky shores. It’s also the site of Cadillac Mountain and the aptly-named Cadillac Challenge Loop – as you climb the 98 miles through Acadia National Park, up to the high peaks of the mountain – topping some 1,500 feet.
  • Mount Greylock in Massechusetts is the state’s highest mountain. Enjoy the view as you climb the ten mile Rockwell Road – a road built up in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Though the climb isn’t as high as most, there’s an exhilarating descent of seven miles down the mountain on Notch Road.
  • White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire boasts some of the country’s best mountain biking routes, it’s also home to a cliff that is famed for the Old Man of the Mountain – for almost two hundred years, until the cliff-face’s collapse in 2003. White Mountain National Forest is also where the International Monetary Fund was established in the 1940’s at the Mount Washington Hotel.
  • Oregon is home to a dramatic story of a road built around the rim of an erupted volcano. More than 7,000 years ago, a volcano eruption – forty times more powerful than that of Mount St. Helens – left a crater more than 2,000 feet deep. The road, and the crater itself is a tourist attraction. But, Oregon offers much more than a two thousand foot hole, it offers magnificent climbs, some of 3,900 meters. It’s also home to the nation’s deepest and bluest waters.

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Our Glenwood Springs weekend adventure is the perfect tour for all levels of cyclist. Our routes are catered to accomadate everyone from families to hard core cyclist. Each day of this tour has a few options for riding including a tour along the Rio Grande rail trail, a loop by Maroon Bells, along the Colorado river. [/one_third] [one_third]

Texas bike tour

The Texas Hill Country could easily be considered the state’s most beautiful natural area, especially from a cyclist’s point of view. A network of small, paved ranch roads winds and rolls through soft, scrubby hills and green valleys with limestone cliffs as a backdrop. [/one_third] [one_third_last]

Hawaii bike tour

Experience the spectacular beauty of the Hawaiian Islands on this island-hopping journey around the 3 central islands of the archipelago, Maui, Lanai and Molokai.


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Facts About the United States

  • Honolulu, Hawaii, is home to the only royal palace used by a monarch in the United States. The Iolani Palace belonged to the monarchs King Kalakaua and Queen Lili’uokalani occupied the residence until it was overthrown in 1893. Today, the Palace is a museum.
  • Snake Alley, is the world’s most crooked street – it can be found in Burlington, Iowa.
  • The British deployed the first rockets in America during their attack against Fort McHenry in the War of 1812. Francis Key Scott witnessed the attack, he later wrote a song called “The Star-Spangled Banner”, this became the American national anthem, officially, in March of 1931.
  • At the nearest point, Russia and the United States are less than four kilometers apart. Separated by the Bering Strait.
  • The major technology corporation Apple, has more operating cash than the United States Treasury.
  • The United States has more government debt per-capita than Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, or Italy.
  • Bristlecone pine trees are considered to be the world’s oldest living things. They can be found in California, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.
  • Alaska has the longest coastline in the United States, stretching 6640 miles.

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