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Go Bicycle Touring in China

China – officially called the “People’s Republic of China”, is a sovereign nation in South East Asia. It is home to some 1.3 billion people, making it the world’s most populated country. It covers an area of 9, 596, 961 square kilometers and is also one of the world’s oldest civilisations. For almost one thousand years, the country was ruled by dynasties, some lasting several hundred years as the ruling power. The country has a rich history and it’s magnificent architecture is a throw-back to it’s dynasty days.

From a cycling perspective, China offers something for people of all skill levels and rides. From a ride along the infamous “Great Wall of China”, to the capital city of Beijing – China’s unique culture, personality and brilliant architectural design shines through, no matter where you ride. There are many mountain bike trails throughout the country, and – although cycling in China’s more populated areas on a touring bike is difficult, due to it’s high population, once you reach the outskirts, the natural wonderment makes it all worth it.

Bike Tours in China

Popular Bike Tour Destinations In China

  • Beijing is the Chinese capital, and one of the world’s most populated cities. It is also home to unique Chinese architectural accomplishments, reminders of Chinese dynasties of centuries gone by. The highlights of Beijing include the Forbidden City, Drum Tower, the Water Cube – and of course, the legendary Great Wall. Despite the overpopulation, Beijing remains one of China’s most sought-after destinations for bicycle tourists.
  • Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan Province in South-Central China, it is home to cobbled streets, ancient Chinese temples, folk houses, and the tombs and memorials – again, reminders of China’s age of dynasty. As the roads that aren’t cobbled are very flat, Chengdu can be enjoyed from the saddle of either mountain bike, road, or touring bike.
  • The Thousand Island Lake is home to many, many kilometers of bicycle touring heaven. The journey around the lake is around 210 kilometers. There are a further three hundred kilometers of cycling to do, though, around the thousand islands – a total of five hundred and seventy square kilometers. Cycling these islands is interesting at the best of times – with dozens of local animals to see as you meander beside crystalline blue waters.
  • Hainan Island offers a range of different attractions for both mountain and road cyclists. From coconut plantations to waterfalls and rivers. It’s mainly made up of several smaller towns, however there are a couple of cities to explore as well. The Hainan Island is an escape from mainland China’s hectic atmosphere, diving off into beach-filled paradises in South East Asia.
  • Hangzhou is a Chinese city which boasts a very high standard of living, and a very clean environment. It’s also home to Qianjiang River – which provides an escape from the city life and into the peaceful quiet of still waters. On the outskirts of the city, there lies Wuchaoshang Mountain. There are a number of bike routes leading to these tranquil destinations from Hangzhou. The city also has it’s own bike-hire service.

Chinese cycling tours

See the mystery Tibet by bike! You will bike though the Tibet along the Himalayas from Lhasa to Zhangmu. Start the tour by visit the essence of Lhasa, including the Potala Palace, Jorkhang Temple and Barkhor Street.

China South East bicycle touring adventures

4073925330_908ac25385_zThe Red Spokes ‘Hidden China’ adventure cycling holiday through the rural South East, begins in Guiyang the capital of Guizhou province. We transfer out of the city into quiet minority areas where the cycling begins. Following quiet back roads up into mountain villages we discover a world apart from the modern face of China.

Tibet bike tour

Cycling in the Tibetan Plateaus from Lhasa to Kathmandu is an awe-inspiring experience and a must for adventure cyclists. Our Tibet cycle tour starts and finishes in two of Asia’s most exotic cities, on the tour we will mountain bike 5 major passes over 5000m and traverse a distance of 1000km over the backbone of the Himalayas.

Facts About China

  • China is considered to be the longest continuous civilization. According to some historians, the Chinese civilization dates back to 6,000 B.C. It also has the world’s longest continuously used language.
  • One of every five people in the world is Chinese.
  • Toilet paper was invented – only for use by China’s Emperor’s – in the late 14th century.
  • Chinese kept pandas to ward off evil spirits, these animals were also considered symbols of might and bravery. Giant pandas are estimated to date back two to three million years.
  • When Marco Polo returned to Europe from China, he brought with him the recipe for making ice cream. China is responsible for inventing everyone’s favourite treat!
  • The oldest piece of paper in the world, was discovered in China, and it dates back to the first or second century B.C. Paper had many uses in China’s dynasty era – because of it’s durability, it was sometimes used for clothing, or even body armour!
  • The world’s longest canal is located in China. It stretches over one thousand miles and has 24 locks, and 60 bridges.
  • Suspension bridges were first introduced into western society in the 1800’s. The Chinese had known of – and been using such bridges since 25 B.C.
  • One third of China’s area is taken up by mountains. The world’s tallest mountain – Mount Everest, sits on the Chinese-Tibet border. China is also home to the world’s third largest river – the Yangtze, which stretches a colossal 6, 300 kilometers.
  • The Chinese have been credited with many inventions, among them are: paper, the magnetic compass, printing, porcelain and silk. They also forever changed the face of warfare, with the invention of gunpowder.
Photos by Rincewind42, Alias 0591 and basil.