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Bike Tours France – French Cycling Holidays

France is a sovereign nation in Western Europe, it also includes many overseas territories and regions. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel in the North Sea, and is one of only three countries in the world to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. France has a population of approximately 66 million people, and covers an area of 640, 679 square kilometers. France is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in fact, it is the world’s fourth largest country in that respect. It also has the world’s fifth-largest military budget, third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, and the second-largest diplomatic corps.

From a cycling perspective, France is something of an icon in the two-wheel world. From the legendary Tour De France cycling race, to the majesty of it’s mountain region – the Pyrenees. France is also renowned for it’s great history, and offers cycling tours of it’s numerous cemeteries and monuments from both World Wars, at locations such as Dunkirk, Normandy and Vimy Ridge. France also boasts some of the world’s greatest wine, and it’s vineyards and wineries are often a place to stop and sample as you wind your way through the French countryside.

Bordeaux Wine Country

Bordeaux is surrounded by amazing medevial castles, hundreds of vineyards and many small restaurants serving exquisite food. This cycling tour will take you in two of France’s most famous wine producing villages Saint Emilion and Entre Deux Mers. Discover this unique countryside mixed with vineyards and a rich inheritance of walled towns, abbeys, and medieval castles. Bike tours France.

bike tours france

A brand new 2 week tour from the shores of Lake Geneva to Barcelona. Las Tapas will take you on an exclusive journey & experience over key Tour de France climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees with Mont Ventoux as one of the tour’s highlights.

France bike tours france cycling

We organize week-long cycling holidays in the heart of the Basque Country. With prices starting from 269€ per week*. Bike Tours France. We offer special rates for groups or clubs with between 6-12 riders, here.

Bike Tours France – Popular Bike Tour Destinations In France

  • The French Alps are among the premier bicycle touring destinations in France. The epic climbs of the mountainous region have achieved legendary status thanks to the Tour De France, L’Alpe d’Huez being one of the most gruelling of those climbs – with a 13% gradient, 21 hairpin bends, and an overall maximum height during the Tour De France of 1850 meters, it’s no surprise that the climb in particular, and the French Alps in general, remain popular among road cyclists searching for a real challenge.
  • Bordeaux is without doubt one of France’s most sought-after regions, primarily for it’s rich wine culture. It also features breathtaking scenery, with views of Dordogne River, towns which charming medieval personality, acre upon acre of vineyards, and gorgeous greenery. Bike tours France!
  • The Champagne Region of France is home to – you guessed it – champagne. It also boasts Gothic churches, some historic World War One sites, and region’s unique and exquisite cuisine, where wild boar, venison, rabbit and pheasants are often the order of the day. It’s also home to Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park, where vineyards and sprawling greenery can be seen for miles in every direction.
  • Corsica is aptly named, “L’Ile de Beaute”, or the Island of Beauty. It is home to Mediterranean beaches, luscious forestry, and also some very unique granite rock formations. It is also a slice of French history, as it is where the French Emperor, Napoleon was exiled.
  • The Loire Region is France’s chateaux-studded wine region. The cuisine it provides is also one to make the mouth water, with fresh, river-caught fish, locally-grown asparagus, wild mushrooms and foie gras. It was once home to the chateau’s of the French aristocracy, and even now, their presence lingers in the region with small palatial buildings dotted around the green lay of the land. This region is best suited to the weekend traveller, or perhaps a family of bicycle tourists. It offers you relaxation, excellent cuisine, and tastes of French history – all in the one place.


French bike tour

This tour takes you through two of France’s most visited regions: Brittany and Normandy. The tour starts in Brittany which is full of ancient towns, magical islands and a great celtic culture. Normandy’s wonderful coastline, endless woodlands and manicured countryside combine to make this the perfect environment for an adventurous cycling tour.

Romantic bike tours in France

In this challenge, you will cross the Alpes and its many cols to the giant of Provence : the Mont Ventoux. This tour is said to be a mini Tour de France which covers many legends of the real one : Mont Ventoux, Izoard, Galibier, Croix de Fer and Alpe d’Huez. The Valley d’Oisans is waiting for you with its many passes.

Bike Tours France

The Pyrenees is a cycling paradise and a top destination to which cyclists return time and time again.

Travel cyclists rate the Pyrenees as the world’s best cycling destination, and although I organize tours in the Alps, Corsica, Dordogne, Mt-Ventoux, Provence, Spain and Italy, I couldn’t agree more. You’ll love the Pyrenees too!

Facts About France

  • France is the world’s most popular country among tourists, it hauled in a massive 83 million people in 2012.
  • At one time, France controlled more than 8% of the world’s land.
  • The Capital of Paris, was originally a Roman city, called “Lutetia”.
  • The French Government gives medals to parents who have “successfully raised several children with dignity.”
  • “French Toast” isn’t French. Joseph French advertised the modern toast, but forgot to add the apostrophe.
  • Louis XIX was King of France – for all of twenty minutes.
  • During World War Two, when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut the lift cables on Eiffel Tower so that Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted to reach the top.
  • There’s a coffee shop in France, where not saying “Please” and “Thank you.” makes your coffee more expensive. It’s all about good manners.

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