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Best Bike Locks – Protecting Bicycle Theft

If you live and ride in a large city or town, protecting your bike from theft is a real concern and you’re probably hyper-aware that your bicycle is always at risk of getting stolen when left outside. Whether you’re locking up on the street or leaving your bike out in the yard overnight, it’s bound to be vulnerable; especially if there are high-end or custom parts on it. Even if you have a so-called “beater bike” or a cheaper model, walking outside to see your lock cut and your ride nowhere to be found is never fun.

Though there’s no foolproof way to keep your bike from getting stolen or tampered with other than keeping it in sight at all times, there are steps you can take to prevent theft. In some cases, especially for commuters, locking up on the street is necessary, especially if a workplace or local grocery store doesn’t allow bikes inside.

Bike thieves tend to work quickly and under pressure, so the harder you can make it for them, the better. Sometimes, even the look of a heavily protected bike can fend off a potential thief.

The following products, from locks to trackers, can give you more peace of mind the next time you leave your bike unattended. 

Bike U-Locks, D-Locks, Chain Locks and Folding Locks

U-Locks or D-Locks and chain locks are the two most common types of bike locks you’ll see around the city. The classic shape and sleek design on the U-Locks makes them a portable and reliable accessory (Check out this U-Lock Holster from Fabric Horse or Chrome’s MIni Kadet Sling Bag, which comes with a special padded holster right on the bag)!

A chain lock can be extremely robust and effective, if you can carry it in your bag as you ride. Lastly, a folding lock can solve the portability problem completely; though generally not as strong as a U-Lock or chain, it will be so compact you’ll forget you’re carrying a lock at all. 

Abus Bordo Granit-X Abus Bordo Granit X-PLus 6500

$179.00-189.00 / £137-144

The Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 by Abus is one of the most popular and strongest folding locks on the market. Consisting of a series of 5.5mm steel bars linked by fortified rivets, this keyed lock system can be made compatible with other Abus locks, meaning you’ll only need one key to open all of them.

The rivets joining the bars are guarded with a “Link Protection Shield,” making them less vulnerable to sawing than standard joints. Reaching maximum security on Abus’ protection scale, the Granit X-Plus deters common theft tools like bolt cutters; the flat shape of the bars is extremely tedious to cut through. 

The Bordo Granit X-Plus weighs nearly 3.5 pounds, not including its mount. if your bike has water bottle mounts, the included lock holder should screw right in; if not, two velcro straps (included with your purchase) will fasten the lock to your frame. Your Bordo Granit purchase comes with two keys, one of which conveniently lights up so you don’t have to fumble in the dark. The Bordo Granit X-Plus holds the maximum security rating on the Abus scale, meaning you can lock up with confidence. 

Abus Bordo Alarm Abus Bordo Alarm

$100-200 / £76-153

As Abus’ original lock with an alarm feature, the Bordo Alarm is the ultimate deterrent. Blaring at 100 decibels when theft motions are detected, the alarm runs on a CR2 battery and audibly alerts you when battery power is low. Engaging the lock in transport mode prevents the anti-theft function from going off while you are moving the bike.

The lock sensors also determine whether or not the lock has been moved by accident or tampered with; if movement is continual and agitated, the alarm will sound. If the lock stops being moved after one minute, the alarm will shut off. The lock comes with a holder that can be quickly fastened to your frame for easy transport. 

On Guard Mastiff On Guard Mastiff Chain

$49.95- $124.95 / £38-95

OnGuard’s Mastiff Chain Series is a hardy budget option when it comes to chain bike locks. Each chain is made of tightly packed titanium reinforced links to make wedging a tool or blade in between them nearly impossible. A chain cover protects the metal links, while an automatic cover protects the key entryway from wear and tear. Your lock will come with five keys, one of which has an embedded LED light to help you see the lock in the dark.

Set between the Mastiff Combo Lock and Beast models, the Mastiff sits within the mid-range of OnGuard’s bicycle chain locks. If you’re looking for an absolute heavy duty option, opt for the Beast.

The Mastiff comes in a variety of options depending on your needs; you can choose a model based on chain length, link gauge, lock diameter and weight. The ten Mastiff models range in price from $49.95 to $124.95, making this an ideal budget option. 

Kryptonite Evolution Kryptonite Evolution Mini Lock

$81-100 / £62-76

Made of 13mm steel, the Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini 5 Lock boasts a new and improved double deadbolt system, meant to deter twist maneuvers. A disc cylinder with anti- drill reinforcement adds an extra layer of protection, while a dust cover and vinyl coating keep the interior debris- free. Your lock will come with three keys, one of which is outfitted with a battery- powered bulb.

An included Flex Frame U- Bracket ensures easy frame attachment and transport so you can get pedaling without skipping a beat. At 2.65 pounds, this is a good option for commuters and daily riders. With a 7/10 rating based on the company’s security criteria, the Evolution Mini promises good value for under $100. If you’re hoping for the absolute strongest lock on the market, you should keep looking. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, relatively lightweight accessory, the Kryptonite Evolution Mini 5 won’t disappoint. 

Kryptonite New U Kryptonite New U Messenger Mini

$90- 110 / £69-84

Kryptonite’s New-U Messenger Mini+ is similar to the Evolution 5 but features one significant bonus. The included wheel extender allows you to not only lock up your frame but conveniently secure one of your wheels as well.

The extender is a U- shaped attachment that extends horizontally from one side of the main lock, just enough to grab a wheel. The Mini + comes in at 2.60 pounds, almost exactly the same weight as the Evolution Mini. If you don’t already have a wheel protection system in mind for when you lock up, consider this innovation from Kryptonite to keep all parts of your bike safe. This is especially important if one of your wheels happens to be a quick- release and you haven’t already outfitted it with extra protection like an anti-theft skewer. 

On Guard Brute Series Lock On Guard Brute Series Lock

$79.95-$89.95 / £60-68

As one of the cycling community’s favorite budget locks, On Guard’s Brute D- lock comes in at 6-8 pounds, depending on theBrute model you choose. This might be a heavier option than some of the more portable locks on the market, but the trade off can be worthwhile. Its protection guarantee, Sold Secure Diamond rating and four-point locking system overshadow the few extra ounces, especially if you need to lock up in a high crime area. The lock’s steel shackle measures nearly 17mm thick and offers ultimate resistance to maneuvers like cutting, sawing and prying; the lock’s rounded form also limits prying angles.. 

Five keys are included with your purchase, including one with an LED light. A universal Snap Lock Quick Release mounting bracket is included with your purchase, although transporting it in your bag may be a more foolproof choice because of the weight of the lock. Like most OnGuard products, the Brute comes in a few different model varieties. While all three models have a high company security rating of 95, they range in size and weight; the locks can be used for motor powersport vehicles as well as bicycles. 

Skewers to protect your wheels

Wheel safety is often omitted when it comes to locking up a bike, and many bike owners don’t realize how easy it is to make off with  one or both of their wheels before its too late. Locking the wheels to the frame is an option, but requires you to carry one or even two extra locks with you. To save yourself time, space and a headache, opt for an anti-theft skewer instead. These nifty security devices usually replace the existing quick release skewers inside your wheels with ones that need either a special tool or one-of-a-kind key to undo. 

Velo Orange Anti Theft Skewers

$20-30 / £15-23

Velo Orange’s Anti-Theft Skewers offer mid- range protection for your wheels. They require a specially designed Allen wrench to be loosened, so if your thief did not arrive armed with a well-stocked toolbox, they have no chance of getting at your wheels. It’s worth noting that these skewers work best with frame spacing between 127 and 135mm; if you find that they are not a perfect fit, you may need to cut off a sliver of the skewer. Extra allen keys compatible with the skewers can be bought separately from Velo Orange in case you lose the one that came with your original purchase. 

Hexlox Wheel Anti Theft Skewer Set

Starting at $65.00 / £50

Hexlox’ Wheel Anti- Theft Skewer Set  is an easy-to-install set of skewers that replace your existing quick- release hardware. After choosing a black or silver set, you’re all set; your purchase will come with two different skewer lengths for each wheel, guaranteeing a seamless fit no matter the type of wheel you have. Use Hexlox’ online Selection Helper tool for more guidance on which products are best for your needs. Have multiple kinds of bikes that need protection? no worries- The Hexlox No Worry Skewer Set will work for either road or mountain bikes. 

Hexlox Total Bike Security Set 

$78.00 / £59

To take things up a notch, check out the Total Bike Security Set. This all- around combo pack from Hexlox includes saddle, seat post, stem, fork and wheel locks, meaning every single element of your bike will be covered after you let it out of your sight.

When making your purchase, you’ll have the option of adding an extra key to your set and picking the size of each lock. To figure out the sizes you need, get out your trusty hex tool and measure the bolt in each area you’re planning to protect. Then, be sure to check whether or not your bolt is magnetic with a kitchen magnet. If your bolt happens to be non-magnetic, you’ll need to purchase a Hexlox Magnetic Insert to make sure your locks work effectively. The Total Bike Security Set is the ultimate package, covering all your bike’s vulnerabilities with a super simple lock set that fits in the palm of your hand. 

Hexlox Road & MTB Bike Security Gift Pack

$118-136  / £90-104

If your special someone is also a bike lover, surprise them with the Hexlox Road & MTB Bike Security Gift Pack. The pack comes with 2x Hexlox Security Skewers, 5x Hexlox 5mm, 1x Hexlox 4mm, 1 Hexlox Key and 5x seat post bolts. Hexlox customer service is on hand to make sure you have all the technical information you need before buying a lock set. 

GPS Trackers for your bike

GPS can be a crucial, low-key addition to your bike that will give you an added sense of security; if you know exactly where your bike is at any given moment, your chances of getting it back are much higher. 

Alterlock GPS Tracker

£114.99 pounds

Alterlock’s GPS Tracker is a 50 gram tracking device that you can easily install yourself; the tracker mounts to your bottle cage screws and will fit underneath the cage itself if the space is already occupied. The Alterlock is outfitted with motion- sensitive alarm settings fine-tuned to recognize false alarms. You can control the Alterlock with a few taps once you connect it to the AlterLock app on your smartphone. As soon as you hit the “Lock” function, the AlterLock will activate its motion alarm and turn on GPS tracking. The lock’s battery has a life of about two months between full charges.

Bike GPS TrackerThe first time your lock senses your bike being moved, it will emit a warning and notify you via your phone. If it happens again soon after, the alarm will begin to blare. You have full control over every part of the AlterLock, including alarm volume and motion sensitivity. If your bike is taken, the app will track it until it loses the GPS signal (if the bike is taken indoors, for example), after which it will track its general location via WIFI signal.

Before making your purchase, make sure your area of residence is covered by Sigfox, the app’s communication service. (Most of the Sigfox service area is within Europe). You can do so on the Alterlock website, where you can also ensure your phone supports the AlterLock app. You will have to register on the app and subscribe to the Bicycle Guard Service in order to use the device; the subscription has a monthly fee of £3.49,, which will be added to the one time cost of the device itself (£114.99).

Final Tips to Protect your Bike

If your bike does get stolen despite you taking all the necessary precautions, local bike shops will be one of your best resources towards getting it back. Make sure you have detailed photos of your bike from all angles, as well as the serial number. If you find your bike missing, distribute the photos to local bike shops in case your bike is brought in for a tune up or quick fix. Also make sure to keep an eye on online used bike listings in your area; whoever stole your bike may be hoping to resell it quickly.

Bestselling Bike Locks

Bestseller No. 1
Master Lock Bike Lock Cable with Combination Black, 8143D
  • Outdoor bike cable lock with combination is best used as a bicycle lock and to secure other outdoor equipment.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • Cable bike lock features a preset, four-digit combination lock; Provides a basic security level that is best used as a theft deterent
  • Bike lock is made with braided steel for flexibility, and includes a protective vinyl coating that helps prevent scratching
  • Bike lock cable is 4 ft. (1.2 m) long and 5/16 in. (8 mm) wide in diameter
  • Includes one combination bike lock cable
Bestseller No. 2
Kryptonite Bike U-Lock with Braided Steel Cable, High Security Anti-Theft Bicycle U Lock, 12mm Shackle and 8mm x4ft Length Security Cable with Keys for Scooter Road Mountain Bikes,Black
  • DURABLE DESIGN: This Anti-Theft bike lock features a 12mm hardened steel shackle with a bent foot anti-rotation design that resists bolt cutters and twisting leverage attacks. The lock disc-style cylinder side keyway is protected by a sliding dust cover and is pick and drill resistant
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This Kryptonite bike lock is ideal to secure your bicycles, sports equipment, gates and fences, tool boxes & ladders, grills & lawnmowers, skateboards, truck bed and more
  • SPECIFICATIONS: U-Lock interior locking dimensions are 3.25 in. x 6.25 in, 12mm steel shackle with a weight of 2 lbs. Bike lock security cable is 4 ft. (1.2 m) long and 5/16 in. (8 mm) wide in diameter. Includes two stainless steel keys with an ergonomic design to reduce torque and prevent bending or breaking
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Kryptonite is committed to providing our customers with high quality products, ensuring full satisfaction. If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please reach out to our Customer Experience team. We will work to solve your issue as quickly as possible. We provide our locks with a limited lifetime warranty so you can buy your lock with confidence.
SaleBestseller No. 3
NDakter Bike Chain Lock, 5 Digit Combination Heavy Duty Anti Theft Bicycle Chain Lock, 3.2/4.27 Feet Long Security Resettable Bike Locks for Bike, Bicycle, Scooter, Motorcycle, Door, Gate, Fence
  • SECURE & RESETTABLE: Smart 5-digit resettable combination bike chain lock, much safer than other 4 digit locks. Easy to set your own personalized number combination.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: It's hard to break through as the lock cylinder of the bike lock is made of zinc alloy. The bicycle chain lock is made of 0.24 inch alloy steel which is drill-resistant and anti-tech unlocking.
  • SCRATCH-PROOF FABRIC PROTECTION: The bicycle chain lock is wrapped by a high quality polypropylene fabric, which is scratch-proof and wear-resistant, anti-hot and anti-icing hands; it protects the chain and prevents it scratching your bicycle frame, long lifespan.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Combination locking mechanism provide keyless convenience and set your own password by easy steps. With keyless convenience lock, you don’t worry about lost the key and forget to carry it.Code design saves you from the hassle of carrying keys. The code is resettable - there are 10,000 combinations you can set, which makes the chances to crack the code only 1/10,0000. The default code is 00000. NOTE: When setting your new password, please first keep the digital wheel in the correct unlock password state before turning the reset disk. Turn the reset disk 90° to set a new password.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The chain lock is 3.2 feet, long enough to lock 2-3 bikes together, or lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, railing, thick pole and others. The lock can also be used for motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, doors, lawnmowers and many others. NDakter provides a one-year warranty, we'll either replace it at no cost or issue you a full refund. NOTE: The male end of the chain is 1.25" diameter, you'd better confirm the gap of spokes/hole to wrap through before your purchase. Otherwise, you can only lock your scooter by winding instead of the gaps in the wheels.
Bestseller No. 4
Master Lock Cable Lock, Set Your Own Combination Bike Lock, 6 ft. Long, Black, 8122D
  • LOCK APPLICATION: For indoor and outdoor use; Adjustable cable lock is best used for bicycles, ATVs, grills, and lawn mowers.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • EASE OF USE: Patented adjustable locking mechanism holds the cable tight at any position (6 in. to 6 ft.) for a perfect fit; Vinyl coated cable threads through places other cables can't
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Cable is made from braided steel for strength and flexibility; Rust-resistant lock and vinyl-coated cable provide superior weather and scratch resistance
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 6 ft. cable length; 5/16 in. outside diameter
  • INCLUDES: One adjustable cable lock, two keys
Bestseller No. 5
Combination Bike Cable Lock - 4 Digit, 32 inch Long Coiled Security Resettable Cable Lock, Anti-Theft Accessories for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Electric Bicycle, Kids Scooter
  • Keyless convenience lock: Never have to worry about forgetting to bring the key because it is in your brain, you have code! Easy to set and reset your combination. Perfect Graduation Birthday gift for you children son men
  • Keep your bike safe: Smart 4-Digit Resettable cable lock, Made of high strength braided steel wire and anti-rust zinc alloy, strong cut resistance. PVC coating helps cables lock more durable against hard environment.
  • Multipurpose for any occasion: 2.6 ft, (80cm) long enough to lock 2-3 bikes together. Lock was used for bicycles, autocycle, skateboards, stroller, luggage, grills, fences, sports equipment, ladders, iron sliding door gates, others you want to protect.
  • Weatherproof: Bicycle lock cable was made of waterproof material, it’s suitable for any outdoor lock car scene. Don't worry about the bike lock chain being rusted and corroded by the rain
  • Friendly reminder: This cable locks is best used for a basic security measure against theft. Never leave your bike locked out for a time. Especially in areas with high loss rates. No bike lock is 100% safe.