West Coast / Richtersveld Tour

The tour is 600 km long in northern part of South Africa. Experience the harsh desert conditions of Namaqualand, West Coast, and the world renown Richtersveldt.

This is a tour for athletes who can endure distance as well as physical strain, coupled by the enjoyment of nature at its best. Desolate, starry nights, West Coast cousine, and swims in the Orange river. Winter or Summer their is no “best time” of the year – their is no “best time” to live. The best time to live is now!
The tour starts 100Km from the coast follows the west coast for 150km, meander alongside the orange river (some parts in Namibia) for the next 240km and return to the starting point 110km later. Don’t dare, just do it.

Bring you own Mountain bike – or – separate arrangements will be made to acquire a bike here in SA