Volcanoes North (Cascades)

Mt. St. Helens is one of 14 major volcanoes in the Cascade Range, and among approximately 400 volcanoes that comprise the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire.” The Cascades extend from southern British Columbia to northern California—from Mt. Lytton to Lassen. The range contains no less than 12 peaks rising in elevation above 10,000-feet, and two of those—Rainier and Shasta—rise beyond 14,000-feet.

We ride the length of the U.S. portion of the Cascades in two adventures: Volcanoes North in Washington (described here) and Volcanoes South (Oregon – check our website for details). These can be done separately or as back-to-back linked tours. Volcanoes North explores the Washington Cascades from North Cascades National Park southward through Mt. Rainier National Park, to the summit of the Mt. St. Helens road at the base of the volcano.

The tour assembles in the quaint town of La Connor. During our ride we will enjoy the grandeur and challenge of four memorable passes: Washington (5,477’), Blewitt (4102’), Chinook (5430’) and Cayuse (4,675’) with a last jaunt up to Mt. St. Helens (4200’) road.

Between rides we enjoy interesting spots like the cowboy town of Winthrop, the shores of beautiful Lake Chelan, and the Bavarian-style village of Leavenworth. You’ll also have the option of hiking in Mt. Rainier National Park on our layover day.

Bike rentals are available.