Verde Espanha – The Fabulous Picos de Europa

This ‘hideaways’ tour takes us on a remarkable journey through remote, timeless and virtually unknown northern Spain. Never conquered by the Moors and seemingly untouched since the Middle Ages, the Picos de Europa mountains lie only 15 kilometres from the sparkling beaches of the Bay of Biscay. This is cycling paradise: lofty snow-capped mountains and magnificent stretches of beach all wrapped up in one unforgettable tour. But the best part is that we cycle on some of the most stunning gorges (as opposed to up and over the mountains) following crystal rivers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to stretch your other leg muscles as this is a multi sport trip with two days of hiking. One of the hikes along the Cares gorge is rated one of the top ten most beautiful walks in the world and we can definitely vouch for it. The other hike involves taking a terrifying cable car up 960mts/3,146ft to one of the highest spots in the Picos at 1.964mt/6,440ft and then walk to the Refugio de Aliva (4.5k/2.8m) for some delicious lunch with spectacular views.

The highlight’s of the trip are:

  • Loop through Europe’s smallest, and considered by many, most beautiful mountain range
  • Visit the stunning Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao – Frank Gerhy’s architectural masterpiece on the banks of the Nervión River.
  • Kayak the Picos de Europa’s pristine, crystal-clear rivers.
  • Cycle through gorgeous gorges and experience a fabulous 30km (gentle) downhill ride!
  • Walk one of the top ten most beautiful walks in the world, the Cares Gorge.
  • Stay a night in the perfectly preserved medieval village of Santilliana del Mar, near the Altamira Caves famous for their pre-historic paintings.