UNESCO Douro Wine Valley

Bike tour along the valley of the Douro River in northern Portugal, sampling Vintage Ports, fine wines, peppery olive oils and spectacular scenery. So spectacular, in fact, that the whole valley was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. This elegant valley is steeped in traditions that date back to the Romans but it wasn’t until the 18th C when port became the favourite drink of the English aristocracy that the Douro gained its regal reputation. Today it’s reputation is once again gaining momentum as the Douro wines top the list of Wine Spectator. With exclusive access to many of the most exquisite private estates, come discover what makes this region so unique.

Our highlights include:

  • Sample some of the rarest & most sought after wines in the world.
  • Explore a spectacular UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Experience a leisurely river cruise along the beautiful Douro river.
  • See the birthplace of the famous navigator, Magellan.
  • Taste some of the finest olive oils in a local cooperative.
  • Visit a remarkable array of outdoor Palaeolithic rock art.
  • Enjoy world-class accommodations that will have you not wanting to leave.