Trás-os-Montes & Douro international

Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro is a huge Portuguese province, belonging to Vila Real and Bragança’s districts.
This region is considered by many an authentic greenside paradise in the deep valleys of the Douro region, where you will find beautiful vineyards, the heart of the Port and Douro wines.
The territory boosts breathtaking landscapes of a natural beauty, revealing not only a land rich in vineyards but also in cereals, vegetables and fruits, a typical gastronomy awarded the title of World Heritage.

Tour Description: Hard
Estimated KM: 369 km with 6392 m (1.73%) of cumulative gap climbs

Day 1: Porto – Pinhão (110 km, train transfer)
Day 2: Pinhão – Mirandela (79 km)
Day 3: Mirandela – Bragança (71 km)
Day 4: Bragança – Miranda do Douro (87 km)
Day 5: Miranda do Douro – Alfândega da Fé (98 km)
Day 6: Alfândega da Fé – Tua (74 km)
Day 7: Train transfer to Porto


Day 1: Porto – Pinhão (110 km, train transfer). Pinhão is a demarcated and classified wine region. UNESCO’S World Heritage with green landscapes where the wine is developed and then transported to Porto.
The luggage and bicycles are inside the van. Visit, dinner and accommodation will be expecting us in Pinhão.

Day 2: Pinhão – Mirandela. We will cross Murça, land of ancient legends, wine and olive oil. You must appreciate the way the liqueur wine “Favaios”. In Mirandela, we will visit the city, as well as enjoying the famous sausages, the “Terrincho” cheese and the delicious honey.

Day 3: Mirandela – Bragança . This day will be a little bit of a physical difficulty with moderate / hard level, due to accumulated climbed uphill. But halfway through, right
after Macedo de Cavaleiros, we will find paradise right nearby the delta of the Azibo. Bragança is the region’s capital and gateway to one of the oldest national parks in Portugal – the Montesinho. Visit the castle with the army museum.

Day 4: Bragança – Miranda do Douro . Cycling to Miranda do Douro, by crossing the Maças River and then we pass nearby Vimioso. After this, we will be in the International Douro’s landscapes, and finally reach to Miranda do Douro. Check out the famous “Mirandesa” steak served by the genuine Northern locals. Here you will find people who speak a strange language – “mirandês”, linked to the Iberian Peninsula’s History.

Day 5: Miranda do Douro – Alfândega da Fé . Let’s keep riding to reach to Alfândega da Fé. During our day,we will a little accumulated climbs. We’re going to visit the astonishing Natural Park of Douro and cross the Sabor River.

Day 6: Alfândega da Fé – Tua. We begin with a small descent into the Valley of Vilariça. Then, we go up to the village of of Seixo de Manhoses and go down the Douro River. The cycling path will follow waterfront of the Tua River, ending in its delta.

Day 7: Train transfer to Porto. The train includes part of a journey (from Paris to Tormes, Caldas de Aregos actually, by this same railway) mentioned in a novel of Portuguese writer, Eca de Queiroz, published in 1901 – ‘The City and the Mountains.’