How To Improve Your Tour Listings & Receive More HOT LEADS

Tour Companies: Use the information on this page to improve your bike tour listings, generate more qualified HOT LEADS, and get more paying customers for your bicycle tours.

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Make sure you have a good title for each of your tours
The title of your bike tour should describe where in the world your bike tour takes place (for example: South Africa) and give some kind of additional tour information (such as: “This is a mountain bike tour”). Don’t assume that someone searching the GoBicycleTouring website knows where your bike tour takes place or what kind of bike tour it is. A good title in this case might be, “Incredible 7-Day South African Mountain Bike Tour.”

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Upload only high quality photos - 700 pixels wide or larger
Each bike tour listing on the website is displayed in the directory using a single featured image. This featured image is the first photo you upload for your bike tour and it is this photo that prospective tour participants see when scanning the website and looking for a tour they wish to participate in. Make sure each of your bike tour listings is using a high-quality, interesting featured photo that accurately portrays the bike tour you are selling.

The bike tours with the best featured photos usually get the most interest, receive the highest number of HOT LEADS, and have sign-up rates that are exponentially higher than those with poor featured images.

Make sure that each of the photos you upload are at least 700 pixels wide. Horizontal images are better than vertical ones. If your photos appear grainy or pixelated on the GoBicycleTouring website, it’s because you uploaded an image that is too small.

Feature 3 or more photos for each bike tour
You are required to have at least one image associated with each of your bike tour listings, but the tours that get the most interest and receive the highest number of HOT LEADS are usually the tours with anywhere from 3 to 10 photos. The more high-quality photos you upload, the better!

Free accounts on the GoBicycleTouring website can only upload 3 tour photos, but Featured Tour Companies can display as many as 10 photos per bike tour listing. This is just one of the many benefits of upgrading your account and becoming a Featured Tour Company on the GoBicycleTouring website. Good photos help to sell bicycle tours… and this is why it’s important that you upload as many high-quality photos as you can.

Use horizontal images instead of vertical ones
While it is possible to display vertical photos on the GoBicycleTouring website, it is important that your featured image (the first photo that you upload) be a horizontal image, as all featured photos on the GoBicycleTouring website are displayed horizontally. If you upload a vertical image for as your featured image, part of the image will be cut off and will not display properly on the website or in the search results.

While it is possible to upload both horizontal and vertical photos to the GoBicycleTouring website, horizontal images look better and are highly recommend. If possible, upload only horizontal images for each of your bike tour listings. Try not to use vertically aligned photos.

Make sure you answer all the obvious questions
If you find that you either aren’t getting as many HOT LEADS as you had hoped… or the HOT LEADS you’re receiving are not as qualified as you would like them to be, it’s likely because your tour description isn’t long enough and you haven’t taken the time to answer some of the most basic questions people might have about joining your bicycle tour.

When you write your tour descriptions, make sure you tell people: what kind of bike tour this is, where the tour is located in the world, who the tour leaders are, where you will be sleeping each night, what kind of food and drinks you will be consuming, what is included in the price of the tour (and what is not included), how many people can be expected to participate in the tour, and any other information you feel is important.

Use long tour descriptions, rather than short ones
When it comes to describing your bicycle tour, short tour descriptions just don’t cut it. If you’ve only written a paragraph or two about your bike tour and you’re wondering why you haven’t received any HOT LEADS yet, this is likely your problem.

In order to get people interested in your bike tours, you need to write long and detailed tour descriptions. After much testing, we’ve discovered that the ideal length for each of your bike tour descriptions is between 1,200 and 2,200 words. Anything less than that and you are seriously cutting yourself short. Write anything less than 800 words for your tour description and you don’t stand much of a chance at generating HOT LEADS for your bike tours.

Make sure each of your bike tours is described in great detail. Tell your customers where your bike tour takes place (both the city and the country), what you will be doing each day of the tour, who the tour leaders are, what kind of accommodations are included, what type of food will be available, what type of bikes you will be riding, how to get to and from the start of the bike tour, and any other details you feel may be important. The secret here is to write long and detailed tour descriptions!

Include a call to action within your tour description
One of the easiest ways to get more people to contact you about your company’s bike tours is to include a call to action with your tour description. A call to action is simple a sentence or two where you invite the reader to contact you for more information. We’ve done a lot of testing and found that the bike tours which include a call to action at the end of their tour descriptions receive as many as 60% or more HOT LEADS than tours without a call to action.

Make sure your tour dates are accurate and up to date
Visitors to the GoBicycleTouring website can search the tour directory for bicycle tours that take place on certain dates. This is a valuable tool for those who have only a limited period of time in which to conduct a bicycle tour each year. To make sure your bike tours are displayed to the right people, it’s important that you update your tour dates regularly. Make sure your tour dates are accurate… and that you update them regularly!

Upload a promotional video
Video is a great way to get more people to sign up for your bicycle tours… and one of the many benefits of becoming a Featured Tour Company on the GoBicycleTouring website is that you can upload a promotional video to go along with each of your tour listings. If you’re a looking for a way to quickly and easily get more sign-ups for your bike tours, adding a video to your tour listings is a great way to do it!

Consider advertising your company in these additional ways
In addition to advertising your company’s bicycle tours on the GoBicycleTouring website, there are a number of additional things you can do to get your company and the tours you offer in front of the people who are actively searching for bike tours to join. See this page for information on on-site banner advertisements, paid bike tour reviews, and other promotional offerings your company might benefit from.