The Maine Adventure

Maine is beer and bike paradise. With great routes, beer and food Maine has everything you need for a great holiday. On this tour you will begin your 260 mile, 20 brewery adventure in Portland and finish in Bar Harbor exploring Acadia National Park. Along the way you will ride through rural Maine communities, Stay at local Bed and Breakfasts, take a ferry to overnight on an island and eat a bunch of yummy seafood.

Day One – Portland
We will gather at our hotel in the early afternoon to get acquainted and set off to explore some of the great breweries in Portland before our pre-tour dinner.

Day Two – Portland to Brunswick ~ 37 miles
You will cycle from pint to pint taking in coastal Maine’s rolling hills and breweries along the way. There are five breweries along the way for you to sample and enjoy. Lunch is available at local cafes and restaurants along the way.

Day Three – Brunswick to Boothbay ~ 30 miles
Riding out of Brunswick along the East-Coast Greenway route you will take in gorgeous views of Maine’s rocky coast and historical sites and coastal lifestyles.

Day Four – Boothbay to Waldoboro ~ 31 miles
Today’s ride is through similar coastal splendor as day three. We begin by retracing our steps north. From there we continue over to the old ship building community of Waldoboro for the night.

Day Five – Waldoboro to Mohegan ~ 37 miles and a ferry
Today we will ride to one of the hardest to reach breweries in North America, well not if you have a boat, the Monhegan Brewing Company. Our ride will take us to a ferry over the Mohegan Island where we will spend the night relaxing and sipping on a great beer.

Day Six – Mohegan to Camden ~ A ferry and 26 miles
We continue along the coast to Camden with a break in Rockland to sample beers from the Rock Harbor Brewing Company.

Day Seven – Camden to Winterport ~ 39 miles
Another Pint to Pint day we will leave Camden for Belfast to sample the Belfast Bay and Marshall Wharf Brewing Companies. We will then continue on to Winterport for more beer.

Day Eight – Winterport to Bar Harbor ~ 54 miles
Our Longest ride will take us to Bar Harbor and a celebratory pint.

Day Nine – Explore Bar Harbor and Acadia NP. We will ride through the park on the old carriage roads followed by a celebratory evening out of food and drink.

Day Ten – Head back to Portland by car or Farewell in Bar Harbor