Thailand Northern Highlights

Chiang Mai, the ancient kingdom of King Mengrai dating back 700 years, is well known to tourists around the world but its surroundings are often missed by visitors to Thailand. We invite you to explore Chiang Mai and it surroundings in depth on our Northern Highlights bike tour. Discover ethnic hill tribes still living in thatched villages on the hill tops dressed in their colorful garments, explore ancient temple ruins and city fortifications, taste the delicious cuisine that Thailand is renowned for worldwide and meet the friendly Thais.

Your week long Thailand bicycle tour begins in Chiang Mai, where 700 year old stupas co-exist side by side with modern offices, where vegetable and fish markets open every morning at 5 am and where teeming night markets spring up on the sidewalks where business men in suits ply by day. We’ll explore the city before heading north through vast farmlands and spectacular landscapes. Ride an elephant through the jungle, soak in a natural hot spring feed pool and discover daily lives of the Paduang and Karen tribes.

Your cycling holiday winds down in the northern reaches of the kingdom, pedaling along the Mae Kok River through lush forests and green rice paddies. Enjoy a variety of excellent accommodations, ranging for delightful city lodges to remote mountain resorts, and fine dinners at our favorite local restaurants featuring the best of the region’s cuisine. Join us for an awesome bike tour through the best of northern Thailand.