Southern Tier

The Southern Tier has become one of our most popular tours, and it’s easy to see why. This route is 1,200 miles shorter than either the Northern Tier or TransAm, yet offers epic quantities of scenery and shoulder-season sunshine.

After dipping our bicycle wheels in the Pacific, we’ll climb eastward, riding through Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. In Texas, we’ll parallel the Rio Grande River before hitting the Texas Hill Country. From there, it’s on to Louisiana and the heart of Cajun Country. Finally, you’ll pedal along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Alabama, cross Florida’s panhandle, and ride to your adventure’s end in St. Augustine. From enchiladas to Texas barbecue, alligator po’ boys to Southern grits, we’ll experience the culinary cultures of the South. As one past participant put it, “This trip lends new meaning to the phrase ‘eating up the miles.’”