Silver Coast – Route 2

This trip of the Silver Coast 2 of 9 days, begins one of the most important cities of Portugal, known as the “city of knowledge”. Along the way you will see the beautiful beaches of central Portugal, indulge yourself with the different dishes of each region and visit historical cities in Portugal as an example the town of Obidos, and the village of Sintra, where you can observe the Palace Nacional da Pena and the National Palace of Sintra, and therefore the village of Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Complete this adventure a passagemna village of Cascais, one of Portugal’s most visited places throughout the year for all the tourists who come here.

Day 1: Coimbra
Day 2: Coimbra – Praia de Pedrogão (68 Km)
Day 3: Beach of Pedrogão – Nazaré ( 52 Km)
Day 4: Nazaré – Óbidos (42 Km)
Day 5: Óbidos – Peniche (46 Km)
Day 6: Peniche – Santa Cruz (50 km)
Day 7: Santa Cruz – Ericeira ( 39 Km)
Day 8: Ericeira – Sintra (49 Km)
Day 9: Sintra – Cascais (48 Km)
Day 10: Departure to Porto or Lisbon


Day 1 – Coimbra In this 1st day you’ll have the opportunity to meet one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. Coimbra is known as “the city of the students” because of its academic tradition with many centuries.

The city of Coimbra is famous due to the University which was founded in 1290 by King Don Dinis, becoming the oldest university of Portugal.

The Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha is one of the most well known monuments of the city of Coimbra, it was founded in the thirteenth century.

Coimbra is also known by the famous fado houses.

Day 2 – Coimbra – Praia de Pedrogão (68 Km) This 2nd day you will go 68 km towards the beach of Pedrogão, getting the opportunity to cross the interior of Portugal until we get will Coast.

Reaching the beach of Pedrogão you will find a vast beach of 1400 meters. Nearby Pedrogão beach you can visit Coimbrão village where’s the Church of St. Michael.

The traditional gastronomic food of the village Coimbrão its black pudding of Coimbrão and Corn Bread.

Day 3 – Praia de Pedrogão – Nazaré (52 km) On the 3rd day the 52 km along the coast until the Nazaré village, crosses the village of S. Pedro de Moel, where there’s Forest of Leiria (one of the largest forests of Portugal) warrant be planted by King Dinis.

Reaching Nazaré, you will see its famous beaches. Because of the surfer Garrett McNamara, which surfed a wave of 30 meters beating the world record, so now Nazaré has become one of the favorite “spots” for the big waves surfers from all over the world.

Day 4 – Nazaré – Óbidos (42 Km) On the 4th day leaving Nazaré you’ll go 42 km in direction to Óbidos village.

The town of Óbidos is known for being “a fortified city”, due to be surrounded by walls and the castle of Óbidos. The castle of Óbidos is one of the most important points of this town, in 2007 received a certificate as one of the seven wonders of Portugal.

The Óbidos village in recent years has become famous for his “International Fair of Óbidos Chocolate” each year, the number of participants not only at national level but also at international level, has increased.

Day 5: Óbidos – Peniche (46 Km) Starting from the town of Obidos going the 46 km in direction to the city of Peniche. Arriving there you can see their internationally known beaches for the practice of many water sports (surf, bodyboard and diving).

The Square-strong of Peniche, is one of the strengths of the city of Peniche was ordered to be built by King John III in 1557, later in the twentieth century this fort was used as a prison by the dictator of Portugal Dr. Olivieira Salazar.

The gastronomic dishes of the region are the stew of Peniche, the grilled sardines or the famous pastries of Peniche.

Day 6: Peniche – Santa Cruz (50 km) In this 6th day covering the 50km, along the coast towards the village of Santa Cruz you will see the main feature of this town, the famous Guincho beach, where every year takes place the “Ocean Spirit” festival, a competition official circuits of several nautical events

Day 7: Santa Cruz – Ericeira (39 Km) On the 7th day heading to the village of Ericeira, the oldest of Portugal, possibly around 1000 AC, which will have passed and remained the Phoenicians.

This village is also known for the fantastic beach Ribeira d’Ilhas, which has become a world reserve surf, and therefore is one of the most important places to all lovers of the surfing world. The main food of this region is, the fresh seafood dishes.

Day 8: Ericeira – Sintra (49 Km) On the 8th day goingtowards to the town of Sintra. Arriving you realise why this village is one of the most important in Portugal. Being amazed with its landscape, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In addition to the natural landscape, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous palaces (Pena National Palace, Sintra National Palace, etc …).

A gastronomic level, we can taste the famous cheesecakes from Sintra, as well as the famous roast lamb dinner in a typical village restaurant.

Day 9: Sintra – Cascais (48 Km) On the 9th and last day of pedaling, you will go towards the village of Cascais, which its beaches, landscapes and its mild climate make it much visited.

In addition, it is a village with an excellent architectural heritage associated with the naval fortification. The cultural standard, has immense alternatives, highlighting the art museum of the painter Paula Rego (House of Stories), considered one of the most remarkable pernalidades of fine arts, the world.