Riding the Kasbah

Our North African guided bike tour, Riding the Kasbah allows you to discover the beauty and exoticism of Morocco on this wonderful journey from Marrakesh into the foothills of the magnificent High Atlas. Sweeping valleys & stunning gorges offer you a glimpse of this special country and it’s imposing landscapes.

Our trip is full of unforgettable experiences from a night under the stars to trekking through lost villages and abandoned Kasbahs. Enjoy mouth watering meals filled with sweet spices and soothing mint tea at the end of a long ride. This is an epic trip with memories and flavors that will linger long after the journey is over.

Our highlights include:

  • Discover the unique ambiance of Marrakesh, one of the most thriving market towns in the world.
  • Soak up the beauty of the snow capped Atlas Mountains.
  • Experience Morocco’s exceptional hospitality from the singular riads to the magnificent Kasbahs.
  • Sample the spices of life from one of the most flavorful cuisines.
  • Explore the maze like medinas and haggle your way from medieval crafts to the latest tech or why not trade your iPhone for a museum piece?