Pedal and Paddle Bicycle Tour

LMB Tours three-day Pedal and Paddle Bicycle Tour is one you shouldn’t miss if you like to float as much as you like to coast. Based entirely in Three Rivers, Michigan, the tour offers riders a variety of route options ranging from 20 to 55 miles, along with opportunities to canoe or kayak the Rocky and Portage Rivers. This area of Michigan is known as “River Country,” and for good reason. The region is characterized by hundreds of small lakes and rivers. What’s more, it offers riders fabulous terrain consisting of gently rolling farmland and wandering country roads. Quaint towns, Native American history, and Amish farms dot the landscape. The event, which is limited to 100 riders, kicks off with hors d’ oeuvres at an opening reception, and concludes with a cookout lunch before everyone heads home. Come savor one last hurrah before the crisp fall weather settles in and the days grow short.

$155 Adult LMB Member; $175 Adult Non LMB member; $100 Non Riders; $100 Children 17 & Under. Prices increase $25 on August 1, 2016.

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