Pacific Coast Central, Van

Join us for this bike-touring adventure along a gorgeous segment of the West Coast and experience some of the most beautiful and remote sections of Adventure Cycling’s Pacific Coast Bicycle Route, its most popular.

As we ride from the spectacular Oregon coastline to the great redwood forests of Northern California, we’ll enjoy magnificent ocean views, explore long stretches of sandy beaches, investigate tidal pools, zip past rustic farmsteads, and cruise in the cool, quiet shadows of the world’s tallest trees. Imagine misty mornings, warm, sunny afternoons, and beachside bonfires.

Our group will also ride through towns like Crescent City, Trinidad, and Eureka, reminders of the logging and Gold Rush eras. As we proceed from Eugene to San Francisco, we’ll likely be aided by a northwesterly tailwind. We’ll also have the luxury of our support van, so all we need to do is pedal our bicycles and soak up the scenery.