Ontario’s Lake Erie Shore & Pelee Island



5 days, Optional 6th day bicycling on Chrysler Greenway Trail or Pelee Island travelling by ferry from Leamington or Kingsville
Flat topography, easy. Loop route.
Beaches, bird watching, historic, waterfront, wineries
Route is close to the shore of the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, the Thames River and Lake Erie. We can make reservations for luggage transfer, bicycle rentals and accommodation to meet your needs at an additional charge. Get more information on the web at bicycle ontario.ca

The route uses bicycle friendly roads with paved shoulders or where motor vehicle traffic is light so drivers can easily leave space around you. Ontario law requires all drivers of motor vehicles to maintain a minimum distance of one meter, where practical, when passing cyclists on highways.

Enjoy the unique climate of the most southerly part of Canada with vineyards, wineries, greenhouses and wonderful Point Pelee National Park. This area is frost free for one month longer than the rest of southern Ontario.

Enjoy scenic countryside. Learn about the history of this area by visiting the restored North Buxton National Historic Site and Museum and the settlements of black slaves who escaped from the United States. Stop to visit the 1850 John Park homestead on the lake at Colchester and Fort Malden on the river in historic Amherstburg.

This area is home to one of Ontario’s oldest wineries, the Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville, as well as a growing number of new ones close to Lake Erie. This unique natural area produces an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields and acres of greenhouses.

Explore the boardwalk, nature trails and beaches of Point Pelee National Park with a tree canopied paved roads to the tip. and bike along quiet lakefront roads.

Pelee Island makes an interesting day trip from Leamington or Kingsville harbour. Visit the Pelee Island Winery pavilion and bike along quiet lakefront roads.