Matka Canyon

Matka is the place where technology, culture and natural beauty meet in one. It is an accumulation dam built in 1938. Place abundant of churches and monasteries, most from the 14 century. It is the canyon of the river Treska and is beautiful on its own. But even more intriguing are the caves, amongst which, potentially the deepest, underwater cave in Europe.

We start at the designated place and ride along back alleys so we can avoid traffic. We ride on a local village road, on the right side of Treska River, and pass the fields and houses of the villages Krušopek, Grčec and Šiševo. From Šiševo on we move to a small dirt road going just along the Treska River. At moments the road gets very narrow due to the forest overgrowth, so we have to be careful not to get scratched or get stuck on a branch. After this short adventure through the bushes, we get to the Canyon Matka. We cross a bridge and get on the main road. There we stop to see the Monastery of Holy Mother of God, a 14th century church and monastery. Then we continue to ride to the dam, and the Matka accumulation lake. We end at the church of St. Andreja, and the accumulation lake Matka. After a break we go back.

*There are a number of optional activities that we can do there, and are subject to additional arrangements.