Maramures – The Forgotten Pearl

Maramures. It’s a unique destination, considered by many to be the soul of rural Romania. With its picturesque settlements, green hills and fields full of wildflowers, Maramures represents all that means life in the countryside. Visitors of this region have the unique opportunity to go back in time, to be witnesses of older eras, traditions, moral values and lifestyle. Crafts and traditions are passed from generation to generation. Woven clothing is still worn with pride. Church is still the soul of the village. Neighbors know each other and help each other. Life in Maramures is shrouded in mystery. Visit a living museum cycling through a landscape which pleases the most whimsical traveler.

Accomodations will be in traditional guesthouses or 2 – 3 star pensions.
Traditional dinings with locals, picnic or restaurant meals

Highlights: Wooden churches of Maramures (3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Carved Wooden Gates, Traditional lifestyle of Maramures, Traditional meals with locals, Orthodox Monasteries, Mocanita, The Merry Cemetery in Sapanta (UNESCO World Heritage Site)