Lost Villages

Have you heard about the lost villages of Transylvania? Saxons lived in the southern part of Transylvania for centuries and left a strong mark on these places. Things took a turn for the worst for this community during the communist period and many chose to forsake these lands and seek a better life in West Germany. Those who couldn’t leave had to wait until the 90s, when in the wake of the Romanian revolution the borders were opened and they could pursue happiness elsewhere.

Many of them had to leave their houses and stuff behind, with only a fraction of them returning and as a result the Saxon population grew smaller and smaller. Some of these houses were gradually occupied by gypsies and Romanians, but most were abandoned and in conjunction with the decrease of rural population in Romania, many of these villages are now almost deserted. In this one-day tour we will visit two of them: Somartin and Gherdeal, in a 57 km loop starting in Agnita.

Route : Agnita – Vard – Chirpar – Sasaus – Somartin – Gherdeal – Bruiu – Veseud – Vard – Agnita

Agnita is conveniently located at half the distance between Sibiu and Sighisoara and can be reached by car from either direction in no more than 45 minutes. The road takes us through picturesque landscapes, as we pass the villages of Vard and Chirpar and witness how people used to work the land before we arrive in Sasaus. From this point onward, the villages are less populated and Gherdeal is truly ghost place.

The village is located in a wonderful area, surrounded by lush forests and having the Fagaras Mountains in the background. You’ll experience a strange feeling riding on empty streets, where only birds and the wind disturb the silence. All of these houses, some more than one century old have stories to tell from those times when Gherdeal was a rich Saxon settlement.

We’ll return to Agnita on a different route, passing Veseud and from there you will be transferred to Sibiu or Sighisoara.