Jewels Of Portugal

This bicycle trip in Portugal is longer than the others, however it is not a difficult bike tour and everyone can do it: you can see the altitude gain per day and the climbing profiles.

This programme includes 3 non-cycling days; it was intentionally designed that way to give you some time off the bicycle to visit an impressive 14th century Monastery, Évora and Sintra – two cities classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

The overall difficulty level for this tour is 4, Advanced (more precisely, level 3.7 between 1~5). It is recommended for enthusiast cyclists. It is supposed that you are fit and in good shape.

This bicycle tour in Portugal allows you to know some Jewels of Portugal that you can do on a bicycle.

Portugal is a small country but very diverse. You can find many evidences of the many peoples that were here in the past and also the influence of our Discovery Journeys (15th and 16th centuries) that showed the world new worlds. Everything is mingled in our culture, our architecture, our landscape, our gastronomy, etc. In Portugal everything is near. You start riding in the morning and you admire the landscape; you ride some km and you can admire a completely different scenery!

On this 14-day bicycle trip in Portugal you will ride along beautiful and quiet roads, you will visit many typical small towns and villages of Portugal, you will experience the atmosphere of kings and queens, you will have a close contact with our History and you will admire the vast landscapes inland and along our long coast. There would be other wonderful places to visit in Portugal, but it would not be as pleasant on a bicycle. We designed this bicycle tour in Portugal selecting interesting places and roads avoiding crowds and traffic. Nevertheless, cycling in Portugal is safe.

At the end of this tour you will stay 2 nights in Sintra, to relax and enjoy the romantic environment of Sintra, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
On this bicycle tour in Portugal history and landscape are intertwined in an amazing way! This is the perfect bicycle trip in Portugal for you, …without stress!

1. Accommodations in a Historic Hotel, Monastery, Convent, charm hotels and in a Fortress.
2. Visit Sintra – classified as World Heritage by UNESCO
3. Sintra – Romantic environment and Palaces
4. The west coast of Portugal
5. The most preserved medieval town in Portugal
6. A small castle on the middle of the river
7. The typical Portuguese beaches along the coast
8. The most sacred place in Portugal and the pilgrims
9. The majestic castle on the top and the medieval small town
10. Fields of Cork trees, Olive trees and Vineyards
11. Historic places, amazing landscape
12. Évora – city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO
13. An impressive 14th century Monastery
14. Tasty food! Wonderful wines!
15. Quiet roads and peaceful environment

– 14-day Road Bike Tour with a Guide (*)
– Transfers from and to Lisbon Airport
– Accommodations (13 nights): 1 five* Hotel made of marble, 1 Pousada (14th century Monastery), 2 four* Historic Hotels (Convents), 8 four* Hotels, 1 cozy three* Hotel. Double bedroom occupancy.
– 13 Breakfasts
– 10 Dinners (including our famous wines, our amazing cheeses and lovely desserts) (*)
– Daily energy-bars and water (*)
– Luggage transport from Hotel to Hotel
– Documentation about PortugalBike Tour
– Personal Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance.
– First-Aid assistance on location (*)
– Techno-Mechanical Assistance (*)
– Permanent Backup Vehicle (*)
– Visit to Pottery Workshop (*)
– Visit to a winery and wine tasting (*)
– Visit to the Marble Museum (*)
– Visit to a Marble Quarry (*)
– Visit to Roman Ruins (*)
– Visit to a cave with limestone formations (*)

(*) Not included in Self-Guided Tours
Ask us the prices for the Guided Tour version.
If you wish a different date, ask us for prices and availability.

Please contact us for more information. Thank you.