Jasper to Banff – Rocky Mountains Tour

This is one of the most spectacular mountain rides in the world. It parallels the Continental Divide, and passes three large glaciers, the Athabasca waterfalls, and the alpine Peyto Lake. It abounds with large wildlife, and is a sheer delight for cyclists wanting a breathtaking ride, in both senses. Beginning in the charming town of Jasper, you will commence along the Athabaska River, past waterfalls and an iceberg-studded lake, to Sunwapta. You will ride past the Athabasca Glacier, over Bow Summit, through Lake Louise, and between spectacular mountains that helped give this whole route a UNESCO designation. The chances of seeing elk, moose, mountain goats, and grizzly bears on this route are very high, and you will learn how to behave cautiously and respectfully around these magnificent beasts before starting off. Finish your cycling in Banff where you may opt to spend more time hiking, riding, and soaking in the hot springs, or transfer directly to Calgary for departing flights.