Hawaii – Island Dreams

A visit to Hawai’i has been at the top of most everyone’s to do list, deep blue waters, lush green tropical forests, bright orange lava erupting from the ground, colorful sunrises over jagged peaks and fresh pink Ahi Tuna laid out on crisp salad greens. Pedalers brings this paradise to you from the seat of a bicycle, rolling through the quiet countryside of the island of Hawai’i (aka the Big Island). We explore beyond the tourist stops, pedaling scenic backroads, hitting the drive in for ono grinds and talk story on the lanai of small Hawaiian style hotels.

Starting in Hawaii’s renowned Kona coffee countryside, we roll past coffee farms and macadamia plantations perhaps stopping to sample a bit. We explore Punalu’u Black Sand Beach with its resident Honu (sea turtles). And then head into the clouds visiting Volcano National Park, where we may witness the lava flows that keep expanding the size of the island. A final long, 30 mile downhill run takes us to the quiet, big town of Hilo on the Big Island’s lush northern shores.

The tropical forests and diminutive plantation towns of the Hamakua Coast highlight our next rides. We ride the lush Onomea Bay Road and the dramatic high Kohala Mountain Road. Pedal across the Parker Ranch, home to the Paniolo, the Hawaiian Cowboys. At night bed down in small historic hotels, with their inviting lanais and traditional tin roofs. Our route finishes by following most of the famed Ironman cycling course back to Kailua Kona. Come discover traditional Hawai’i, its warmth, charm and scenic wonders.