Hardangerfjord: Fjord-Norway (start and end in Bergen)

Hardangerfjord route is a small piece of Norway, with spectacular view of the fjords, mountains and glacier From the bike you get these great visual impressions in slow motion!

Hardanger is well known for fruit and berries : apples, plums and cherries and the largest supplier of fruits in

Norway. We ride in areas with beautiful fruit farms; early summer is the great fruit blooming season, in late summer and fall the fruit can be bought in along the road, where you can help yourself and put money in a box!

The tour goes on partially picturesque roads with little traffic / partially roads with little more traffic, up and down hills and along fjords. Ferry crossings offers breathing pauses where one can enjoy the view from the fjord.

And the new, beautiful Hardangerfjord bridge is also facilities for cycling, exciting!

You end up in the small village Rosendal and we recommend a visit to the Barony Rosendal before the Hardangerfjord Expressen take you back to Bergen, which is an experience in itself. It is also possible to extend the tour by cycling the Sunnhordland tour.

Extra for bike rental, see websites.
Early Bird discount before 1. June 2018: $ 27,50 per person