Hadrian’s Wall 4 Day Supported Cycling Tour

Four days of history, high-jinx and a few hills on our supported tour across the historical UNESCO World Heritage site of Hadrian’s. Wall Our 4 day/4 night fully supported tour cruises for the first two days across the Solway coast, ensuring you get an overnight stay in in the historic city of Carlisle, while increasing the milage a little to the wonderful town of Hexham in the second part of the tour. It’s a tour long enough to get a real feel for these border counties.

Hadrian’s Wall was built almost two millennia ago and was constructed during the reign of the Andalusian Roman Emperor and still bears his name. This 144 mile route traverses the ancient Roman barrier or empire frontier from East to West. The trip, which meanders through the world heritage site, takes in castles, national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).