Great Lakes

Enjoy incredible scenery and experience some of the best riding you can imagine on this self-contained adventure, which was featured as one of National Geographic Traveler’s 2013 “Trips of a Lifetime.” You’ll enjoy some great riding due to the route’s moderate terrain and manageable daily distances. This trip makes an excellent choice for beginners or those wishing to enjoy more time out of the saddle during their vacation.

After pedaling from Petoskey to the top of the Lower Peninsula, the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s shuttle service will take us to the other side of the world-famous bridge. Then, we’ll proceed north toward the shore of Whitefish Bay, where the Edmund Fitzgerald would have landed if, in the immortal words of Canadian folksinger Gordon Lightfoot, “she’d put 15 more miles behind her.” We’ll put many more miles behind us each day on this stellar summer ride.