Grand Canyon, Van I

The word “grand” conjures up all kinds of adventurous notions, and what better way to explore one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders than by bicycle? Of course, Grand Canyon National Park’s remoteness, especially on the North Rim, can make planning multi-day, self-contained cycling expeditions difficult. But what if there were vehicle support to transport your gear and water from point to point, leaving you free to ride the trails and winding dirt roads through pine and aspen forests load-free? Then we would have the mountain-biking trip of a lifetime — and that’s just what we’re offering on our van-supported bike tour of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim.

Come take advantage of this opportunity to ride legendary singletrack on the Rainbow Rim and Arizona trails — portions of which were built specifically for mountain bikes. Our overnight locations, some literally perched right on the rim, are jaw dropping. Top all this off with a special, sumptuous dinner at the Grand Canyon Lodge, and the grandeur of this trip can’t be beat.