Frequently Asked Questions – About Go Bicycle Touring

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What Is GoBicycleTouring?
GoBicycleTouring is an online and mobile-friendly directory of the best bicycle tours in the world.

GoBicycleTouring allows people who are actively searching for bicycle tours to search for, find and book tours with the best bike touring companies on the planet. Learn more about GoBicycleTouring on this page.

Or click here to list your company’s bicycle tours on the website right now!

How Do I List My Company's Bicycle Tours With GoBicycleTouring?
It’s fast and easy to list your company’s bike tours:

– Go to the sign up page and fill out the required information.
– Submit your tour info and add pictures (the more pictures the better!)

Voilà! You’ve just listed your company’s bike tours and they’re now accessible to bicycle tourists from around the world!

How Much Does It Cost To List My Bicycle Tours?
It doesn’t cost a single cent to list your bicycle tours with Sign up is free, there is no cost for listing your tours, and upgrading your account to become a Featured Tour Company is super easy. The only time you will be billed is if you decide to upgrade your account and become a Featured Tour Company – at which time you will be billed a one-time price of $97 USD, which will cover your for 12 whole months of advertising on the GoBicycleTouring website (unlimited tour listings & unlimited HOT LEADS).

What Is The Difference Between A Free And Upgraded Account?
It’s free to sign up and list your company’s bicycle tours with This is a great way to test out our platform and see what GoBicycleTouring can do for your company. There are, however, tons of incredible benefits for those companies that take their marketing and advertising seriously and wish to become a Featured Tour Company on the GoBicycleTouring website. Click here to read about the benefits of these two different account options.

What Is A Hot Lead?
We’ve created GoBicycleTouring so that potential bike tour customers can look through our directory and easily find their ideal bicycle tour. Along with each bike tour listing we provide photos and information about the tour, as well as a “Request More Information” button. When potential customers press this button and fill out the following form, this is what we call a HOT LEAD. After filling out this form, the customer’s contact information is automatically sent to you (the tour company) in an email – allowing you to follow up with this individual about their participation in your bike tour. Receiving a HOT LEAD is like receiving a new customer. You just have to close the deal. It’s that simple!

I'm Not Getting The Results I Expected. How Do I Get More Hot Leads?
If you aren’t getting as many HOT LEADS on your bicycle tours as you would like, there is probably an easy fix to this problem. Follow our recommendations on this page to improve your bike tour listings and increase the total number of qualified HOT LEADS that you receive. 

Is My Information Secure?
Rest assured, at GoBicycleTouring we are committed to information privacy and security. Company and contact information will never be communicated to any third-party without your prior consent and online payment security is guaranteed.

How Do I Remove My Tour Listings From The GoBicycleTouring Website?

If you wish to remove one or more of your tour listings, just send an email to with your name, your company name and the name of the tours you wish to have removed. We will then manually remove your bike tour(s).

How Do I Contact You For More Information?
Use the form on our contact page to send us a message at We are happy to answer any questions you might have.