Family Fun, Erie Canal – Niagara Falls

Looking for a great way to introduce your family to self-contained touring? Why not explore western New York and the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario with a group of like-minded families? On this tour, we will travel the beautiful Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail and nearby roadways, to the edge of world-famous Niagara Falls carrying all of our camping gear, personal supplies, and group gear on our bicycles, without a support vehicle. For extra fun, the Adventure Cycling team will provide kids’ pannier kits, so that the kids and adults can assemble and decorate their own panniers before the trip begins!

We’ll structure a cooking/shopping/cleaning rotation to include participants of all ages, with a trip leader to assist the younger riders. We’ll be riding loaded along 100 miles of car-free trails, with only about 30 miles of cycling on roads, which makes this a great tour for the whole family. We will be crossing into Canada at the end of the trip, so be sure to bring your passport for this top-notch international adventure!

Please note: In order to participate in our Family Fun tours adults must be accompanied by a child and children must be accompanied by an adult.