Explore Beautiful Lakeland

Bike tours are the perfect opportunity to exercise your body and mind at the same time. BeFly Bike Tours transforms the traditional way to sightsee by immersing yourself in the life of the region, exploring its nuances and hidden corners while enjoying the enormous satisfaction of traveling under your own power. Active travel is the difference between looking at life and living it.

BeFly offers a freewheeling tour of Lakeland and has eight comfortable and multicolored cruiser bicycles outfitted for sightseeing. Beth Geohagan, a native to Lakeland, FL, is your tour guide and ride leader, with the ideal balance of passion, intuition and high-level expertise to create truly remarkable experiences that provide an overall sense of journey while leaving you free to add your own unique imprint.

With tree-lined streets designed for pedestrian and cyclists as well as motorized traffic, Lakeland was made for all sorts of transportation. Yes, you’ll discover the historic and cultural wonders that lie on your path, but as you do, you’ll be stimulated by waves of sensory impressions. BeFly Bike Tours offers an opportunity to take part in a healthy and green event that supports the city. Fully engage your senses as you actively explore Lakeland. You might discover the population of swans at Lake Morton, beautiful architecturally designed homes, inspirational gardens, historic landmarks, and expansive parks. BeFly gets you connected to the land in the most elemental way, gaining a richer, authentic, and varied perspective.