Cycling the Historic Erie Canal

The Erie Canal ceremoniously opened in 1825, and at that time was considered one of the greatest engineering feats of the era. The canal was important in that it connected the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes. Even though we have developed better methods for transporting goods and people, the canal (albeit with many modifications) is still used for some commercial and leisure transport. While the glory years of the canal have passed, it is easy to relive its rich history.

One nineteenth century old-timer reminiscing about his early days traveling the Erie Canal noted, “They ain’t no races like they was in the old passenger packet days ‘ boats would skim from Albany to Buffalo in less than six days. That was goin’ it some, eh?” While that was “goin’ it some” back in the 19th century, our trip will cover a good portion of the canal at a very leisurely pace, and for good reasons.

This is one of our easiest & flattest rides. Highlights include historic canal villages, wonderful educational attractions, including Genesee Country Museum, a flat terrain, moderate daily distances, with much of the riding on canal paths separate from road traffic. We hope you will join us!