Cycling Along the Danube

In a three day trip you have the chance to experience life on Danube side, to discover the natural sculptures, visit the cultural and historical sites and explore some other secrets of Banat Mountains by bike and by boat.

You will discover hidden villages in Banat Mountains, have incredible landscape of the Danube, visit monasteries and old monuments of the Roman Empire.

Full board accommodation on Danube side, local food, ~80 km by bike in Banat Mountains, visit special places around Orsova and Baile Herculane in a full guided trip.

• ~100 Km by bike around Orsova and Baile Herculane
• 3 days of cycling
• Full accommodation
• Support, guiding and assistance
• Bike rental and transport

Other experiences during the cycling trip:

– Treasure hunting
– Boat trip on Danube
– Visit “Veterani” cave
Accommodation on Danube border.

• St. Ana Monastery above Orsova
• The futurist architecture of the catholic church in Orsova
• Dranicului hill – a nice panorama from above over the Iron Gates and over Orsova
• The wind turbine on top of Dranicului hill
• Toplet village
• Danube “boilers”
• “Decebal head” monument
• St. Contantin&Elena monastery
• Mraconia forest
• “Veterani” cave
• Tabula Traiana
• Tricule middle age fortress
• Eibenthal – the Czech village
• Baia Noua – the copper mine

Duration: 3 days cycling tour from thursday to Sunday
Schedule: 5-8 May, 8-12 September 2016 (other dates possible, upon request)
Distance: 100 km
Difficulty: moderate to challenging
Elevation: 1200 m in total
Terrain: The tour includes national, local, village and forestry roads.
Accommodation: full accommodation included in the price
Group size:
• The program requires a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 15 participants;
• one guide will be provided for a group of up to 6 persons and 2 guides for more than 6 participants;
Price: from 450 or 510 EUR (bike included) and 75 EUR single supplement

Day 1: Around Orsova and Toplet
We are cycling from Eselnita toward Orsova on the asphalt road. From Eselnita we are leaving the main road and we will follow a forestry road along the Danube. We are climbing the “Dealu Mosului” (the “Old man” Hill) before reaching St. Ana monastery above Orsova. The splendid panorama over Orsova will wait for us in a perfect quietly scenery.

After a short break we are descending to Orsova and have a short walk along the harbour before leaving the city for a nice climbing over the “Dranicului” hill.

A natural source, the wild horses along the forestry and a nice panorama over the Danube’s Iron Gates will make the climb easier, before the downhill to the beautiful village of Toplet.

From Toplet we will follow the path near Cerna river back to Orsova. For a more difficult route we can extend the track from Toplet to Baile Herculane with 20 km extra.

From Orsova we are following the asphalt road toward Eselnita for closing our route.

Day 2: To Mraconia forest and along the Danube
From Eselnita we are going toward Dubova village along the “Danube Boilers” for admiring the natural “architecture” Danube created during the years by trespassing Banat Mountains.

Some other objectives along the Danube is “Decebal head” – a huge artificial sculpture in rock and “St. Contantin and Elena” monastery.

From “Decebal head” we will follow the forestry road into Mraconia forest for a 8-10 km easy cycling climb.

We will return the same route to Eselnita, but before going back we will have a boat trip along the Danube to “Veterani” cave and to admire the “Tabula Traiana” monument.

On the way back we will have a fish dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Day 3: To Eibenthal and Tricule
The third day will be the longest trip along the Danube, toward west, till Tricule middle age fortress.

On the way back we will have a six km off road climbing experience to visit Eibenthal – a beautiful Czech population village and Baia Noua copper mine.

• Three nights accommodation in local resort
• Full board for all period – Breakfasts, Dinners and Picnic Lunches
• All tickets to sights included in the itinerary
• Luggage transportation
• Vehicle Assistance (whenever roads allow it to pass)
• Bike transport (on request)
• Energizers & refreshment drinks
• Trip plan, GPS
• Branded T-shirts and souvenirs
• English/ French/ German speaking accompanying bike guide

Not included:
• Alcoholic drinks
• Transfer cost from Bucharest and back to Bucharest
• Individual travel Insurance or insurance waiver form (compulsory in order to be accepted for the tour, for foreign tourists)
• All the other conditions are presented in the “Terms and conditions” document