Cork Trees and The Algarve Wild Coast

This tour is the combination of two mountain bike tours: Cork Trees & Coast + The Algarve Wild Coast, allowing you to ride along the south-west coast of Portugal, starting south of Lisbon.

The overall difficulty level for this tour is 3, Intermediate (more precisely, level 3.4 between 1~5). It is recommended for “bikers” and “cyclists”. It is supposed that you are in good shape.

Starting your mountain bike tour in Sesimbra, you will enter one of the lushest areas south of Lisbon – the Natural Park of Arrabida. On one side of the park, you’ll admire the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and at the other side, the gorgeous coast with accessible beaches where the fine sand and clear sea waters provide a strong contrast of unusual colours.

After crossing Sado river by boat you will cycle along a cork-tree forest and this is your first contact with these amazing trees that produce cork; Portugal is the major exporter in the world of this ecological and natural product. This forest offers us winding trails with dense vegetation that look like tunnels formed by these extremely beautiful trees. You will feel alone within Nature in a Mediterranean environment with your bike.

You will go on to SW Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park which extends itself along the Portuguese coast and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. This SW landscape is 300 million years old and it is one of the most preserved landscapes all over Europe; human intervention has been less visible throughout its history. Once submerged (about 2 million years ago), this is a vast area with many different coastal habitats and countless beaches and cliffs.

Countless rocks and isolated islets complete this beautiful and unique scenery. You will feel alone within Nature in a Mediterranean environment. The west coast boasts a diversity of rare botanical species, with very interesting flora and a variety of maritime birds that nest here. Cape S. Vicente is a passing area for thousands of birds of prey.

This mountain bike tour in Portugal also goes to Sagres, which is the south-westernmost point in continental Europe, the place from where our brave forefathers sailed on their caravels seeking new peoples and continents.

Finally, this mountain bike in Portugal tour allows you to visit some of the beaches of our famous Algarve, including the cosmopolitan city of Lagos. This is one of the oldest towns in Algarve. We can still see evidence of the wall surrounding the town for protection. Lagos also has an old fort and its former Slave Market is now an art gallery.

1. The beautiful blue coast and the Natural Park of Arrabida Hill
2. The amazing single-tracks near the cliffs
3. The National Park of SW Alentejo and Vicentine Coast
4. The deep blue of the sky and the sea
5. The Mediterranean vegetation
6. Crossing Sado river by berry-boat
7. Crossing a dense and long Cork Oak Forest
8. The most well-preserved coast all over Europe
9. The typical white-washed houses
10. Cape S. Vicente – the south-westernmost point of Continental Europe
11. The south-westernmost town of Continental Europe
12. The gorgeous beaches and the beautiful coast of the Algarve region
13. Cycling on the beautiful trails

THIS PRICE INCLUDES (Self-Guided version)
– 9-day Mountain Bike Tour with a Guide (*)
– Transfers from and to Lisbon Airport
– Accommodations (8 nights): 3 four* Hotels, 2 cosy three* Hotels, 3 B&B/Rural Tourism. Double bedroom occupancy.
– 7 Breakfasts
– 4 nourishing and energetic picnics (*)
– 8 Dinners (including our famous wines, our amazing cheeses and lovely desserts) (*)
– Daily energy-bars and water (*)
– Luggage transport from Hotel to Hotel
– Documentation about PortugalBike Tour
– Liability Insurance
– Personal Accident Insurance
– Techno-Mechanical Assistance (*)
– First-Aid assistance on location (*)
– Permanent Backup Vehicle (*)

(*) Not included in Self-Guided Tours