Adventure Tour Of Colombia

Two and a half hours from Cali International Airport is the small city called Popayan. From Popayan you have your choice of the type of terrain you want. You can choose either road or off road rides. I personally will guide you on all the paved road rides and one of my friends will show you the mountain bike trails. This is a big cycling area and there are several bike shops for you to buy or replace any part on your bike, if you need to. For me, it is hard to beat, riding year round and not having to wear three layers of clothing to stay warm. The roads are in good condition and drivers here watch out for bicyclists. Each day you can ride to different places and for those of you who prefer the longer distances, We can even ride all the way to Cali from Popayan, a 4 1/2 to 6 hour ride, depending on how fast you like to go. We have rides that take you up into the mountains where you can pedal at your own pace as you climb and look out across the canyon or down at the valley below. The people of Colombia are very friendly and are more than happy to share with you about their culture. On your ride, we usually stop at a local cafe to relax and enjoy eating some Colombian food such as Panella or Empanades. We want you to enjoy your time here so you’ll want to return here again and recommend Colombia to your friends and family. Hope to see you!
Rob Barnard