Bohemian UNESCO Heritage Tour

The route of this tour leads through three of the most attractive towns of the Czech Republic. Due to their exceptional cultural and historical value, these towns have been recorded in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. In Renaissance Telc, where our bike tour begins, you will have the chance to admire the renowned square and castle with its royal garden. Cesky Krumlov is recorded on the UNESCO list as the best preserved medieval town in the whole of central Europe. It is the home of the second largest chateau in the Czech Republic with a uniquely preserved Baroque theatre, royal garden and open-air theatre with a revolving auditorium. The historical centre of Prague has become the most visited town in Europe following the fall of Communism. In addition to these three UNESCO towns, you will spend nights in Jindrichuv Hradec, the seat of the region’s administration, and in the Renaissance town of Trebon, a famous spa resort. Both towns have a millennium-long history, Renaissance chateaux and many other Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque monuments.

The route will take you through České Budějovice, the town that gave its name to Budweiser beer. You will certainly not want to miss the opportunity of tasting the beer in its hometown, where it has been brewed for over 600 years. After a tour of the city we will ride the remaining 12 km to Hluboká Chateau. The bike trail ends at Hluboká chateau from where you will travel in the AVE minibus back to Prague. We have planned for you to stay for two nights in Cesky Krumlov, in order to give you sufficient opportunity to relax and to get to know this jewel in the tourist crown more intimately.

The tour will take you through many diverse landscapes. Sometimes you will have to conquer hills, which will be replaced by flatlands around rivers and ponds. The itinerary is designed to be a gentle ride with a balance of cycling and sightseeing.


– take a canoe/rafting trip in Český Krumlov where you have the day off. Only 19 Euro per person. You can choose from 2 km, 5km, 15 km or 30 km long passage. Included – all equipment. transfer to starting point with all equipment. Tour ends in Cesky Krumlov.