Biking in the midnight sun – the island Senja

Arctic cycling – The island of Senja
From the lively city Tromsø, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands, starts a nice bike ride through a beautiful and varied scenery on Kvaløya, outwards to the south side of the coast and the island Sommarøy. The trip continues with ferry to Senja, Norway’s second largest island! The road along the the seaward side of Senja to Gryllefjord, winds through a magnificent scenery, uphill and downhill – in and out of fjords.


A short detour to the small hamlet Husøy is reccommended. Husøy (the House Island) is a small island about 1000 meters long and 500 meters wide. Nice hosting are ready to welcome you. Hiking, kayaking or fishing is possible during the tour. And there are possible to do longer daytrips, the choice is Yours!
You have a rest day in Hamn to do other activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, Fjord kayaking.
Extra for bike rental, see websites.
Early Bird discount before 1. June 2018: $ 27,50 per person