Bike Switzerland Guided Jura Tour

The Bike Switzerland Guided Jura Tour is a 12-day bicycle tour across Switzerland with 9 days of cycling. During the course of the tour you will cycle 700 kilometers and climb more than 7,000 total meters. You’ll be travelling through the relatively tourist-free Jura mountain range. You’ll bike from Geneva to Basel on the Swiss side, have a day off in Basel, and then return to Geneva from Basel on the French side.

No other week long bike tour can give you this much diversity, history and outdoor grandeur. Before anything else, Bike Switzerland.

Bike Switzerland is Switzerland’s premier bicycle tour company. Based in Geneva, Europe, our staff is made up of educators living here in Switzerland who are devoted to intercultural exchange and cycling. Given our Swiss background, our tours emphasize value, authenticity and luxury. Bicycling Switzerland need not be too difficult or too expensive, and we’d like to get the word out.

Whichever tour you choose, guests need not worry about bringing their bikes. Bike Switzerland partners with TREK to outfit each of our riders with the perfect bicycle for exploring the Swiss backroads.

The Guided Jura Tour our includes:

• Orientation and bicycle fitting at shop
• Swiss Guides
• All accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
• All meals
• GPS navigation, maps
• Sag wagon escort