Bicycle Ontario’s West Coast, Lake Huron

Tour all of Ontario’s West Coast by bicycle from Windsor to Tobermory including Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron, St. Clair River and Georgian Bay away from the traffic on paved bicycle friendly roads and bike paths. ORDER NOW and you can bicycle tomorrow with our new map and route guide that you can print or use with your GPS.

Get everything that you need at a low price. Includes listings for accommodation, camping, restaurants, bike shops, attractions and events. We can make reservations for luggage transfer, bicycle rentals and accommodation to meet your needs at an additional charge. Get more information on the web at bicycle

Self guided tour. Plan you own ride schedule. 570 kilometers – 6 days at 100 kilometers per day. Mostly flat to sightly rolling with a few hills, moderate. Linear route. More information at bicycle

The route uses bicycle friendly roads with paved shoulders or where motor vehicle traffic is light so drivers can easily leave space around you. Ontario law requires all drivers of motor vehicles to maintain a minimum distance of one meter, where practical, when passing cyclists on highways.