Atlantic Coast – Van

This van-supported grand tour of the Atlantic Coast leads past battlefields and other reminders of the American Revolution and the Civil War; through our country’s earliest European settlements, Jamestown and St. Augustine, and a handful of major cities; and to the doorstep of the homes of two of our most accomplished presidents. We’ll also trace the history of flight, from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina — where a pair of bicycle builders known as the Wright Brothers first put wing to air in 1903 — to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Here, on July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 launch took place, and four days later the spaceship landed on the moon.

But we’ll remain down to Earth for this terrific ride. Going from Key West, Florida, through Bar Harbor, to the Canadian border in Calais, the Atlantic Coast Route will take us through the “best of the East,” a spectrum of beauty that is often subtle but at other times eyepopping. We’ll spin through quiet farm country, lush state parks, and refuges teeming with wildlife. So much more than a 63-day, 2,864-mile bike tour up the Eastern Seaboard — this tour is a history lesson on the go, where the past comes to life in dynamic ways.